Here’s how you can earn more Play Store credit via the Google Opinion Rewards app

When I use an Android phone as my daily driver, one of the apps I love to use is Google Opinion Rewards. On Android, the more surveys you answer on the app, the more Google Play credit you receive. This credit can be used to make purchases from the Play Store and you get one year to spend it. Some surveys give you more credit than others (the range is 10 cents to one dollar for each survey answered) and the goal is to answer as many surveys as you can. 
For example, I still have $6.61 in Play Store credit on the Opinion Rewards app on my Pixel 6 Pro although some of that expires next month. I generated and saved as much as $20 in Play Store credit at one time.
The Google Opinion Rewards app is also available on iOS. Obviously, iPhone users have no use for Play Store credits so those answering surveys on iOS collect small amounts of cash. If you want to receive more surveys to generate more money or Play Store credit, Google wants you to update your profile.

Android Police editor Dallas Thomas has noticed that Google is sending Android users a notification telling them that they need to update their profile on the app. The notification has a heading that says “Earn more rewards,” and goes on to add, “Want more surveys? Finish your profile to get more surveys.” You can choose to receive surveys in different languages, and add your age, payment information, and gender to your Google Account. You can also receive location-based tasks based on places you’ve visited in order to earn more rewards.

According to Android Police, the notification was seen with the Opinion Rewards for Android app version 2024032401 and in the hamburger menu on version 2024040804. The app will soon allow users to link with Gmail and use their digital receipts to earn even more rewards. It isn’t clear whether iOS users will receive the same notification.

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