Google says it fixed the Pixel’s “scrolling stutter,” but there is some bad news

There is good news and bad news for Pixel users as Google marked on its Issue Tracker website that it has fixed the “scrolling stutter” issue that impacted several Pixel users. While fixing the issue is certainly good news, the bad news is that users might not see the “scrolling stutter” end on their Pixel until Android 15 is released later this year between August and October.
Google notes that “Ongoing optimizations in performance and power are slated for the next Android release. These include improvements positively impacting overall system UI jank as well as use cases tied to some Android applications.” The original complaint was made in October 2023 when a Pixel 8 Pro user running a beta version of Android 14 left feedback with Google. Other complaints were lodged and were from other models besides the Pixel 8 Pro.
While the Developer Preview for Android 15 has been released, those of you who like to be first on your block with new features will be happy to hear that the public beta release of Android 15 will start next month. A timeline released by Google last month shows that there will be at least four public beta releases of Android 15. Whether you join the Android 15 beta program is up to you. As you know, such releases are not stable and if you install the beta on your daily driver, features that you rely on might not work during the beta program.

Interestingly, at least one Pixel user said that having a fix for the “scrolling stutter” might be worth rolling the dice and installing the Android 15 public beta during the second or third release of the beta. Others say that it is not worth installing unstable Android 15 beta software just to get the “scrolling stutter” to stop. These Pixel users suggest that the safest thing to do is to wait for the final, stable build of Android 15 to be ready before installing the update.

Pixel users suffering from the issue told Google that they expected scrolling on their Pixel devices to be smooth. Instead, the complaint said, “Scrolling is jittery/stuttering. Specially (sic) noticeable when the animation movement starts to slow down. Video recording slightly reduced the impact in some of the cases and made it less noticeable.”

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