Samsung patent reveals personalized summaries: Can AI be your new news editor?

  • Samsung patent reveals technology using AI for summarizing documents tailored to the user.
  • AI uses search queries to understand user interests and political leanings for summaries.
  • This tech might appear in future Samsung devices like the Galaxy Z Flip 6.

Not too long ago, Samsung unveiled its latest flagship series, the Galaxy S24, marking its entry into the realm of artificial intelligence with the introduction of Galaxy AI. Now, it looks like the Korean tech giant is gearing up to delve even deeper into AI.

Well-known tipster Revegnus recently shared on X that Samsung has disclosed a patent for AI document summarization technology. The patent outlines a technology where AI analyzes a search term entered into an electronic device. It then presents various related documents, identifies the user’s interests or political leanings, and offers a customized summary.

According to the Chinese media outlet Chosun Biz, the industry expects Samsung to integrate this technology into upcoming products like the Galaxy Z Flip 6, expected to launch later this year.
According to the source, Samsung also offered an intriguing example illustrating how AI can summarize articles. For instance, if a user inputs an article about the “Agenda for the South Korea-U.S. Summit” and requests a brief and neutral summary, AI would highlight keywords like “North Korea, nuclear, missile, South Korea-U.S. military exercises.”

Conversely, if the command is for a longer and negative summary, the AI might summarize the article with a statement such as “Disagreements between South Korea and the United States on North Korean solutions could cast a shadow on the upcoming South Korea-U.S. summit.”

The concept of AI generating tailored summaries could raise concerns in the long run. The idea of considering a user’s political beliefs might raise eyebrows. If every summary caters to personal biases, it might deepen societal divides. It’s interesting to see how Samsung handles this and deals with potential risks. Keep an eye out for further developments.

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