Apple’s Beats Studio3 are a true budget delight after a phenomenal 52% discount

Looking for a pair of Beats headphones that won’t break the bank? Well, look no further, as Amazon currently has a really sweet deal on the Beats Studio3, letting you snag a pair of Beats cans on the cheap.

At the moment, the Beats Studio3 are discounted by 52% at the retailer, which means you can snag them for under $170 and save $181 in the process. However, be sure to act fast on this one, as the offer has been available for quite some time, and you never know when it will become a thing of the past.

The Beats Studio3 are most likely enjoying such a bonkers discount because of their age, as these bad boys were released in 2017. However, don’t let their seniority stop you from purchasing them, as they are still as awesome as when they were brand new and are currently the best option to experience Beats’ signature sound without tanking your bank account.

Being true Beats headphones, the Beats Studio3 offer a punchy bass and sound amazing. Additionally, they are comfortable to wear and come with bells and whistles like adaptive noise cancellation (pure ANC) and real-time audio calibration. Furthermore, they support Apple’s Spatial Audio feature, which enhances the listening experience by making the sound feel three-dimensional.

Also, if you are an Apple user, you’ll be happy to know that the Beats Studio3 comes with an Apple W1 chip, which allows them to pair with Apple devices seamlessly. And don’t fret if you are team Green Robot, as the headphones work with Android-powered devices as well.

As for their battery life, the Beats Studio3 should be able to last you around 22 hours on a single charge with their ANC enabled. With ANC disabled, these bad boys should be able to offer you roughly 40 hours of listening time before the need to charge. Moreover, the headphones support Beats’s Fast Fuel charging and can provide you with 3 hours of playback with only a quick 10-minute charge.

The Beats Studio3 are is definitely still worth it even in 2024, so act fast and snatch a pair at a heavily reduced price today!

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