Samsung will release the Galaxy A35 5G in the US but not the Galaxy A55 5G

You know how Samsung sells all these different low and mid-end smartphones across Europe and Asia but very few of them officially make it to North America… for some reason? While that (general) strategy is unlikely to change anytime soon, the specifics of the company’s US product lineup will be revised in at least one important way this year.

The same was true for the A33 before it, but not the A32 before that, which means that we’re looking at a comeback here likely to put a big smile on the faces of many cash-strapped Samsung fans in the US. Unfortunately, if you were hoping to spend a little more dough on the higher-end Galaxy A55 5G, the other part of the company’s regional statement following that global launch from earlier today might replace that smile with a frown.
We’re afraid said A55 model will not come to the US in 2024, which represents a major shift in strategy after the Galaxy A54, A53, A52, A51, and A50 were all officially released stateside in their respective years.
While the justification of this potentially contentious decision is not entirely clear at this moment, Samsung is apparently recommending the Galaxy S23 and S23 FE for those not fully satisfied with what the A35 5G offers. In other words, the company probably feared the Galaxy A55 5G mid-ranger could have cannibalized the sales of the two S23-series high-enders. 
With the Galaxy S23 FE regularly priced at $600 and the Galaxy A54 5G typically available for $450, that doesn’t sound like a very legitimate concern… unless S23 FE discounts are to become more frequent affairs in the near future.

If that happens (which is obviously a big if), you’re probably not going to miss the Galaxy A55 5G that much after all. Especially if the Galaxy A35 5G is priced aggressively enough for its more than respectable spec sheet and “modern” hole punch design, which will only be confirmed “in the coming weeks.”

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