Don’t expect Apple to host an event to introduce its new iPad tablets

We expect Apple to release a slew of new iPad models this year including the 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro (2024) series, the first iPad tablets to be equipped with OLED panels. The new tablets will be powered by the 3nm Apple M3 SoC. We also should see Apple release a 10.9-inch iPad Air (2024) and add a brand new 12.9-inch iPad Air (2024) model. Both iPad Air tablets should feature the 5nm Apple M2 chipset. We also could see improved accessories for the new iPad Pro line such as a new Magic Keyboard and an improved Apple Pencil.
So you’re probably wondering when Apple will be holding an event to unveil the new tablets and accessories. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, in the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, says that you should not expect Apple to pull out all of the bells and whistles to unveil the first new iPads seen in over a year. Gurman says that these products are in the process of being built overseas and we should expect Apple to announce them soon.
But instead of streaming an event introducing the new iPad models, Gurman says that Apple will announce them on its website using online videos and advertising campaigns. Of course, Apple has done this before with other iPad models and despite introducing a new top-of-the-line iPad Pro (2024) series with OLED panels, the tech giant feels that this does not warrant the creation of a big ruckus.

As for when we will see the new iPad Pro (2024) line and the iPad Air (2024) tablets, the smart money has been betting on a release this month (which is March, by the way) or next and Gurman concurs. There has also been some talk about a seventh-generation iPad mini although that tablet might not see the light of day until the second half of this year.

You might recall how demand for the iPad (and all tablets) shot up during the pandemic since they were the perfect device for home-bound students and executive types. But the post-pandemic slump has hit the category hard and it will be interesting to see if waiting a full year before releasing new iPad models has done anything for consumer demand.

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