OnePlus 12 video teardown shows massive cooling system inside

Today, the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R made their global debut. OnePlus has repeatedly talked about the OnePlus 12’s massive internal cooling system, and a new teardown video lets us see just how big it actually is.

Before we get to it, however, we first need to open up the phone somehow – and that’s done from the back, using a heat gun. This shows us the 50W wireless charger, which, interestingly, makes it the fastest wireless charging phone in North America. The bottom speaker and battery come out next, and then it’s time to gawk at the cooling system – after removing the screen.

It is indeed quite huge, and by “it” we mean them – there are actually two vapor chambers in there stacked on top of each other. This is the largest cooling system ever put in a OnePlus phone.

In the process of tearing the phone down, we also get to see the cameras, the fingerprint sensor, and a lot of interesting looking thermal paste.

At the end, the whole thing is put back together and the phone does turn on, but the screen was damaged in the process of its removal. It’s a worthy sacrifice for us to get to see those vapor chambers, right?

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