Apple sales in China decline 30%, fall expected to continue in 2024

Apple sales in China declined, and the trend will continue in 2024, according to Jefferies analysts, quoted by Bloomberg. The iPhone 15 series saw an unusually sluggish start, which resulted in a 30% year-on-year decline.

In contrast Huawei posted impressive growth numbers, thanks to the Mate 60 lineup that has proven to be extremely successful at home.

Apple sales in China decline 30%, free fall expected to continue in 2024

The iPhone 15 launch happened just two weeks after a surprise announcement of the Mate 60 Pro. Analysts claimed that patriotism drove people to the Huawei flagship with its new Made-in-China processor, which is yet to be officially detailed by company officials.

Jefferies estimated 35 million shipments for Huawei, which could’ve been even more if there hadn’t been some supply constraints.

Apple’s double-digit fall in volumes is forecasted to carry over to the forthcoming year. Multiple iPhone deals were spotted in the past week across various online shopping portals. However, despite the lower prices, volume of sales did not improve.


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