Who to follow in Instagram threads? The biggest streamers and influencers on Twitter compete

Published: 2023-07-06T16:03:35

updated: 2023-07-06T16:03:44

Threads from Instagram is a new application that has been compared to Twitter for its many similarities. There are already millions of people on the platform and many big names you might want to follow.

The threads have attracted countless influencers and celebrities within a day or two of going live. More than 30 million people have reportedly joined Threads.

The app launched on July 6 and has been rolled out in 100 countries so far. Similar to Twitter, Threads allows users to write 500 characters and post a 5-minute video and links and images.

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The list of YouTubers, boxers and streamers who have signed up on the platform is long. Here are some to follow in threads now:

KSI – @ksi

The YouTuber and boxer has already posted his first thread on the platform. It will serve as a comical addition to your timeline and even be a great resource for upcoming boxing events.

His first post was about how he feels about betraying Twitter. KSI already has over 70,000 followers on the app.

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MrBeast – @mrbeast

MrBeast on YouTubeInstagram: MrBeast

The YouTuber and entrepreneur is one of the biggest influencers on YouTube and has the most followers on the video sharing platform.

MrBeast made his claim in his very first post to Mark Zuckerberg: He asked to be named CEO of Threads, and the post went viral immediately.

Dream – @dreamwastaken

The streamer will entertain you on the platform and has already started posting. He has over 51,000 followers on threads on day one.

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Dream's post in ThreadsTopics: dreamwastaken

In one of his posts, the question was, “There has to be a cool verb for posting a thread or society will perish.” He jokingly revealed that he had dreamed of posting the coolest thread.

Imane Anys – @pokimanelol

Pokimane Streaming on TwitchTwitch/Pokimane

Pokimane is the most followed streamer on Twitch and she too has joined the new app and shared a positive message in her first post.

The influencer urged users to keep the platform going for as long as possible and shared her excitement at being part of something new.

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Ludwig Ahgren – @ludwigahgren

The LA-based YouTuber made a different request to people who were following him. He urged people to unfollow him because he keeps getting notifications and doesn’t know how to stop it.

His post read: “Please unfollow, I have notifications turned on and don’t know how to turn them off.”

Ludwig's new followers on Threads cause his phone to hangSubjects: ludwigahgren

Marques Brownlee – @mkbhd

The YouTuber is famous for his tech reviews as well as his podcast Waveform. The influencer’s videos are informative and help you learn more about gadgets and tech.

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Marques has over 35,000 followers and his posts have kept them entertained. His first thread reads, “Chirp chirp (is that allowed here?)” He even posted a picture of Threads and wrote, “Exclusive thread content.”

The influencer will be a good resource for any technical questions and make you smile.

Threads has become the new application that managed to attract all the influencers and celebrities to the platform.

We’ll update this article as more streamers and gaming influencers join Twitter’s competitor.

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