We Kill Monsters is a survival game that excels in challenging traversal

We Kill Monsters is an upcoming solo survival action-adventure where we kill angels, carry stuff and more.

We Kill Monsters is a survival game that excels in challenging traversal

Developer Glass Revolver recently unveiled an intriguing new title called We Kill Monsters. This upcoming game takes the form of a thrilling third-person survival action-adventure game. It transports players to the desolate and haunting landscapes of the dying city of Edinu.

We Kill Monsters clearly takes cues from its obvious inspiration: Death Stranding. The game aims to provide a challenging and tiring experience that will keep players engaged. Dangerous journeys await you that will test your courage and take you to the farthest reaches of The Shell.

We kill monsters - I walk a lonely path
I’m walking a lonely road

Players can look forward to carefully crafted backstories that form the backbone of We Kill Monsters. The game revolves around the arduous task of extracting the coveted primordial liquid. This is a powerful and mysterious substance found in the essence of fallen angels. It is this energy that holds the key to activating the Great Elevator, a mysterious structure of immense power and unknown origin that stretches deep into the heart of The Shell.

In your search for more of the primordial liquid, you must delve deeper into the shell while braving the relentless onslaught of its inhabitants.

An unforgettable walk

The story of We Kill Monsters revolves around the desperate situation of the dying city of Edinu. The city’s last glimmer of hope lies in the extraction of the invaluable primordial liquid. However, extracting this valuable resource from The Shell presents a daunting challenge. The available primordial fluid in the outer layers has been largely depleted, necessitating a perilous journey deeper into the abyss.

We kill monsters - In search of snakes and ladders
Ready for snakes and ladders

As a player, you take on the role of a unique being known as a homunculus. These homunculi are brought to life for the sole purpose of exploring the shell and discovering new sources of the primordial fluid. The most accessible (though not necessarily the easiest) source of this energy? The Death of an Angel. Your destiny is tied to the future of the city and the weight of the world rests on your shoulders.

Be prepared for a journey that will test your resilience and resolve. Inspired by the spirit of Death Stranding, We Kill Monsters places a strong emphasis on the concept of a grueling and lengthy expedition.

Survive while we kill monsters

Gameplay in We Kill Monsters revolves around the core principles of survival and resource management. While combat is crucial, the true essence of the game lies in navigating the vast and open environments within The Shell. Each level offers a huge playground that players can freely explore using a variety of structures and navigation tools.

We Kill Monsters - Fight the creatures
Fight the creatures

Every single level of The Shell is expansive, open and filled with terror. Players must carefully explore each region in search of fugitive angels that may have made this level their home. They must search the surrounding area for clues to their whereabouts, e.g. B. for traces and other contextual clues.

death incense

Homunculi must also search for important objects. This includes food, powerful weapons, body armor, and essential gear. Survival is of the utmost importance in this unforgiving world, and careful resource management is key to overcoming the demanding challenges that lie ahead.

We kill monsters - our second favorite beach game
Our second favorite beach game

On your perilous journey through The Shell, be mindful of the cargo you’re transporting and the tools at your disposal. The paths ahead will be unpredictable, requiring quick thinking and adaptability. The ability to seamlessly switch between essential elements will prove crucial in overcoming the obstacles that stand in your way.

We Slay Monsters - Visions of Elden Ring
Visions of Elden Ring

As you can see from the footage, the player’s homunculi always seem to have a lot of stuff on them, just like Sam Porter Bridges. How you fight is unclear at this time, but be aware that every item you carry is vital to your survival. You never know when you’ll be able to climb a steep mountainside with that bundle of ropes.

Together on the hunt, forever

But amidst the dangers that await, there are moments of calm. Glass Revolver designed We Kill Monsters as an immersive adventure that can be played by up to four players simultaneously. Gather your friends and prepare to descend into the deepest layers of the Shell, driven by a common goal to reach its mysterious and elusive bottom.

We kill monsters - time for the campfire song
Time for the campfire song

Players can also take the opportunity to set up camps at any time. Offering a much-needed respite, these havens allow you to rest, recharge, trade items, and gather around the comforting warmth of a roaring fire. Sometimes a group can even indulge in the soothing melodies of a guitar played by friends.

Structures, also known as Urbrunnen, dot the landscape. These ancient structures can be used by homunculi to venture into the void and connect to other players’ worlds.

We kill monsters

Glass Revolver first revealed the dark and desolate world of We Kill Monsters last year. It offered fans a tantalizing glimpse into the game’s early stages of development, but not much since then. Recently, the game was featured at Annapurna Interactive’s latest presentation, sparking renewed excitement and anticipation among the eager fans.

For now, only We Kill Monsters has been confirmed to be coming to PC via Steam. So far, no console ports are planned or announced. Additionally, no release date has been announced as the game’s Steam page will simply sport a “To Be Announced” banner.

Glass Revolver now has two games under its belt. We have ITTA, a bullet hell boss rush style action game, and House of God, a 2D action roguelike shooter.

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