“Valorant” needs to change its boring Battle Pass

Valorant recently celebrated its third birthday and the game has continued to grow in strength since its release. The new Agent Deadlock is one of the most interesting and fun additions to the game in a long time, the overall balance of the agents is as good as it’s ever been, and after a few missteps, new and updated maps are consistently playable at a high level.

But a range of Valorant What shows its age is the Battle Pass. If Valorant The introduction of the Battle Pass was never anything revolutionary, instead copying the formula that countless other games have used over the years to offer a range of cosmetic items that you unlock the more you play the game. But now, three years later, the items the Battle Pass offers feel boring compared to the premium skins that have been added all the time Valorantand the launch of Episode 7, Act 1 has only made the problem worse.

Each Battle Pass will set you back $9.99 and in return will give you 50 levels to work your way through and unlock cosmetic items. Some are skins for weapons that you would actually want, while most are other cosmetics like gun buddies, sprays, and items that you can flaunt on your in-game profile. It’s never been incredibly good value for money, but if you play enough to unlock everything, you’ll usually get 12 weapon skins and a melee skin, which was released in the early days of Valorant was a good way to make sure you’re not walking around with the boring default skins.

But now that we’re three years into premium skins and battle passes, the skins offered in the battle pass seem more disappointing than ever. The current Episode 7 Act 1 Battle Pass includes the Blush skins that make your weapons a little pink, the Digihex skins that make your weapons blue, and the Composite skins that make your weapons orange and shape them slightly change.

For anyone who has bought premium skins or a few Battle Passes, it’s hard to understand why anyone would want those skins other than just to have something new. None of these skins can compete with the fancy premium skins, and even previous Battle Pass skins looked significantly better.

But the actual death message for the battle passes Valorant is the recent introduction of Kingdom Credits, the new free-to-earn currency that you can use to unlock previous Battle Pass content. This isn’t a free way to earn skins, they remain exclusive to the Battle Pass for now, but the other content like Sprays, Gun Buddies, and Player Cards can all be purchased with Kingdom Credits.

With a changing supply of items from previous Battle Passes, you can’t jump right in and pick what you want from previous Battle Passes, but over the weeks most, if not all, previous Battle Pass content will be available for free. Now I’m looking at the Battle Pass for Episode 7 Act 1 and knowing that a lot of it will be available for free in a few months and the only thing I would really pay for is the weapon skins and it feels amazing disappointing to .

Perhaps the Battle Pass isn’t meant for players who spent money on a few premium skin lines anymore, but Riot would certainly rather have something for all players to enjoy than just offer it as a more budget-friendly option. It’s also something I want to buy. Having an overarching metagame to earn rewards as you play is fun and gives me a sense of progression that I’ll never get from ranking up as I’m not good at the game.

I’m not saying I have great solutions to this problem. The Kingdom Credits are clearly not being lost and do indeed offer some value for totally free to play players, while the simple answer of making better skins would reduce the value of the premium skin lines which presumably make Riot a lot of money. Challenges associated with the Battle Pass could improve things, as could exclusive game modes or mini-games dota 2 has had a lot of success so far, basically anything to add a little more value and interest to the Battle Pass.

With valorants Given its success and rumored console porting, it’s likely Riot won’t need to sell every player a Battle Pass, but with reasons to buy a Battle Pass quickly disappearing, it wouldn’t be surprising to see sales drop. If that’s the case, maybe we’ll finally get some updates to those boring Battle Passes we’ve been getting lately, but until then I won’t be buying one again.

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