Today’s Wordle #754 tips, hints and answers for Thursday 13th July

Happy Thors Day, dear Wordlers! It’s hot outside. Summer is getting sweaty and part of me wishes I had a pool in my backyard, even though that would be ridiculous in one of the snowiest cities in the United States.

There is no air conditioning up here in the mountains, so we just have to work out. Luckily it stays pretty cool in our house. Better still, I just installed a windowed air conditioner in my office—a converted garden shed in my backyard—which keeps it nice and cool. This is a nice change from the scorching hot oven before. Working in an oven heated by both my PC and the scorching sun isn’t conducive to productivity.


Anyway, yesterday I posted a riddle. I’ll post the answer today. This was one of the puzzles in the new Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1 Movie (read my review here).

The riddle: What keeps coming but never arrives?

Answer: Morning.

Okay, let’s make this wordle!


How to solve today’s word

The hint: Make a stormy entrance. Also a boat.

The hint: This word ends in a vowel.






Wordle bot analysis

My initial guess was basically that my youngest child just turned 13, which gives me a feeling old. The opposite of young. Not many boxes were turned – only one yellow one – but the number of possible answers was reduced from around 2,300 to just 109.

My second guess was Great both literal and definitional, reducing that number to just 9. That was me eager I didn’t want an answer at this point, but that word just juggled the letters I already had, leaving me one missing and only two possible answers, although I didn’t know that at the time.

I thought about it barge before you guess large but it was a coin toss and I made a bad choice. Oh well! At least I got the Wordle. . . ultimately.

Today’s score


My winning streak is over. If I guess a five I lose 1 point and I also lost to the sneaky Wordle Bot who only guessed a three. That’s -2 points today and I’m just thankful there’s no 2XP Friday on Friday! Huzzah!

Present day Wordle etymology

The word “barge” has an interesting etymology. It originated from the Old French word “barge” or “barke”, which referred to a small seagoing vessel. This Old French term can be traced back to the Latin word “barca”, which had a similar meaning.


The Latin word “barca” was borrowed from the ancient Greek word “bárkē” which meant “small boat” or “fishing boat”. The Greek term likely has Phoenician origins, as the Phoenicians were expert seafarers who influenced Mediterranean cultures.

Can you solve today’s sentence?

Over time, the meaning of “barge” broadened to include larger flat-bottomed vessels used to transport goods on rivers and canals. Barges were often pulled or pushed by other boats and played a significant role in transporting goods in Europe, particularly during the Industrial Revolution.

Today, the term “barge” typically refers to a large, flat-bottomed boat used for transporting goods on rivers and canals, or as a workboat in ports. It can also refer to a similar boat used for recreational purposes.


Play competitive Wordle against me!

I was playing a grueling PvP Wordle game against my nemesis Wordle. But. Now you should play against me! I can be your nemesis! (And of course your helpful Wordle guide). You can also play against the bot if you have a New York Times subscription.

  • Here are the rules: 1 point for getting the wordle in 3 guesses.
  • 2 points for making it in 2 attempts.
  • 3 points for making it with a guess.
  • 1 point for hitting Erik
  • 0 points for making it in 4 attempts.
  • -1 point for making it in 5 attempts.
  • -2 points for making it in 6 attempts.
  • -3 points for losing.
  • -1 point for losing to Erik

You can either keep a running list of your points if that’s your thing or just play day by day if you prefer.

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