Today’s Wordle #752 tips, hints, and answers for Tuesday, July 11th

Tuesday is just around the corner! One day closer to the weekend, although I look forward to the upcoming weekend with more dread than anticipation. We’re supposed to go into the mid-90s, which is both rare and a little frightening for a mountain town.

It’s not the heat itself that worries me. It’s just so hot and dry that the forests will be packed with tourists looking to escape even hotter climates. I have nothing against tourists, but sometimes outsiders just aren’t aware of the reality of a hot, dry forest and the utter devastation that a wildfire can bring to our homes. As much as I hate when they close the woods — I love hiking, and my dogs need hikes to stay healthy — a part of me is hoping they all close before the end of the week and be closed by the end of the week keep monsoons coming (which will hopefully happen soon).

It doesn’t take much to start a fire when it’s this hot and dry. Getting them out is a whole different matter. We saw some massive fires. The largest fire in Arizona history was the Wallow Fire in 2011, which burned 538,000 acres (841 square miles). In 2002, the Rodeo-Chediski fire burned 468,000 acres. The two fires — one started by a seasonal firefighter looking for extra work, the other by a stranded motorist in an accident — combined into an unstoppable inferno.

So pray for rain folks. pray for rain And in the meantime, let’s make this Wordle.

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