TikToker Victoria Paris talks about paying influencers

  • Victoria Paris, 24, has been posting content on TikTok for two and a half years.
  • She made just over $40,000 from the Creator Fund in 2021 and is part of the new beta program.
  • Paris shares her new monthly earnings from TikTok’s beta creative program.

TikToker Victoria Paris is open about her online success at a time when it seems anyone can find their way to becoming a professional influencer.

The 24-year-old gained an online following when she started posting TikTok videos out of boredom in her New York apartment during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Before Paris became an influencer full-time, she worked “a few random jobs” as a personal trainer, as a nanny, and at a finance startup. Throughout her jobs, she told Insider, pay transparency has been important to her “for so many reasons.”

As TikTok rolls out its Creativity Program Beta (CPB), Paris shares her monthly earnings with followers who might be curious about what a YouTuber with nearly 2 million followers on the app makes from her videos.

“Everyone wants you to do a job, but they don’t want to pay you what you’re worth,” Paris said. “I’ve always found that.”

“I learned everything I learned from my peers,” Paris said. “I wouldn’t have known anything if I hadn’t gone and talked to other influencers.”

She added that she thinks it’s “really important” to be open and honest as a queer white woman with creative friends who are queer people of color. The influencer said she’s aware that she often doesn’t take women seriously in the business environment, and acknowledged what she believes is her own privilege as a white person when it comes to opportunities.

A full-time influencer, Paris earned $42,497 from TikTok’s Creator Fund in 2021. Early in her career, the bulk of her money came from partnerships with brands like Nike and Lancôme, and brand deals still remain her main source of income, according to Paris.

As part of the agreements, Paris will film content of herself for paid posts on her social media accounts and will meet expectations outlined in an agreement. For example, a Nike ad posted on both Paris’ Instagram and an official account for the brand encouraged users to “tap to buy all my Nike running gear.”

Still, she concedes that sharing her income, which can top $10,000 a month on TikTok alone, could hurt the brand she’s built as a likable influencer.

“It’s extremely inexplicable to make an obscene amount of money,” Paris said. “It’s a fine line between being transparent and seeming disjointed.”

Here are her earnings from five videos posted over a 30-day period

  • $982.88 (July 11)

  • $548.94 (July 24)

  • $569.73 (July 26)

  • $686.99 (July 31)

  • $934.05 (2 Aug)

Paris has shared screenshots of her 30-day earnings from TikTok as part of its new program, which offers incentives for videos longer than 60 seconds. According to monthly TikTok statements, her videos earned her $13,105.91 in the month ended August 5th. Insider verified screenshots of these statements.

She predicts that TikTok’s CPB will net her an additional $100,000 this year — on top of her monthly revenue from brand deals. As a result, Paris has shifted her content to videos around three minutes long instead of the short videos she became known for.

Although she earns more, she said she still gets praise for her likeability from her followers. Paris claims that being herself has worked so far.

“It’s always going to resonate with people because authenticity resonates with everyone,” Paris said. “I’ve tried sitting down and performing, but these videos don’t work.”

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