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The wumpa fruit is calling and it’s almost time to open the gates. Experience a whole new kind of Crash with the upcoming release of Crash Team Rumble, out today, June 20th for PlayStation 4 and 5.

Developed by Toys for Bob, this all-new strategic multiplayer experience brings 4v4 platform action to the Crash universe, featuring eight wacky characters and nine wild arenas to launch. Your team’s goal? Gather and collect the most wumpa fruit. Though strategically deep, it’s easy to learn and play, making Crash Team Rumble a great title for Crash veterans and new players alike.

Scorers, Blockers and Boosters

In the quest for fruit, each character uses their own unique abilities, in addition to fulfilling one of three important roles as a scorer, blocker, or booster. Scorers excel at moving around the map to collect and store Wumpa, Blockers compete to prevent opposing players from depositing Wumpa in their bank, and Boosters collect Relics to create map-specific, ever-changing Relic Stations activate and capture Gem Pads that offer temporary multipliers to their team’s Wumpa deposits.

With eight characters available at launch and more content to come after launch, there are plenty of ways to approach each game. For now, let’s focus on three of our characters: Catbat, N. Brio, and N. Tropy.


A fast scorer with unmatched air mobility, Catbat is an all-new playable character in the Crash universe. He has a long-range diving attack and the ability to jump 5 times higher than other characters, making it easier to access hard-to-reach places. Reach areas on the map.

Catbat also supports teammates with his healing ability to keep them going through even the toughest combat encounters, while easily attacking and taking out opponents using his aerial maneuvers – they can even remain in the air to await the most dangerous situations below.


N. Brio is a high-risk, high-reward powerhouse. He is a blocker who controls the battlefield with summoned monsters. By throwing Flasks on the ground, he can summon up to two Slime Monsters to attack opposing enemies. The monsters are also great as springboards, allowing N. Brio to ricochet off them to greatly increase in height.

By drinking his potion, he can transform into a giant monster that smashes everything in his path for a short time. However, timing is crucial: N. Brio is vulnerable to enemy attacks during the transformation process.


N. Tropy, the self-proclaimed master of time, is a ranged blocker that sweeps the battlefield with large, slow-moving projectiles capable of knocking the enemy away. With her long attack range, she will chase and harass the enemy team from a safe distance.

When paired with a powerful melee blocker like Dingodile, N. Tropy comes into her own, dealing valuable ranged damage while her teammate takes the brunt of the attack.

After release, the list will expand and more

Expect the character roster to be expanded with additional post-launch content, including two more characters appearing later in Season 1. Other post-launch content includes new arenas, modes, powers, limited-time events, customization options, and more.

Standard vs. Deluxe Editions

Buy Crash Team Rumble for $29.99 MSRP for the Standard Edition and $39.99 MSRP for the Deluxe Edition. The Standard Edition includes the full game, plus additional post-launch seasonal content and limited-time modes, as well as Season 1’s Premium Battle Pass*.

The Deluxe Edition includes everything in the Standard Edition, plus 25 Battle Pass Tiers that unlock instantly during Season 1, the Premium Battle Pass** of Season 2, and the digital “Proto Pack” that offers additional customization options for each hero at launch and villain offers more.

* The Premium Battle Pass will be available in Crash Team Rumble once the Season 1 Battle Pass or equivalent system is available in-game. For a limited time only. Season 1 Premium Battle Pass (or equivalent) must be redeemed by September 12, 2023.

**Premium Battle Pass and Tier Skips will be available in Crash Team Rumble once the Season 1 Battle Pass or equivalent system is available in-game. For a limited time only. Season 1 Premium Battle Pass (or equivalent) and tier skips must be redeemed by September 12, 2023. Season 2 Premium Battle Pass (or equivalent) must be redeemed by December 4, 2023.

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