The July 2023 Lost Ark update adds the Elgacia Epilogue

Heroes of Arkesia! The much-anticipated July update for Lost Ark will arrive in Arkesia today, July 12th. This includes story updates, another Legion Raid in Inferno mode, and more!

The July 2023 Lost Ark update adds the Elgacia Epilogue

One of the standout additions in this update is the Elgacia Epilogue. For those of you who have completed the Elgacia quest, there is still more to discover and enjoy. Players can experience new quests and interact with new Rapport NPCs in Elgacia. Gather with your friends and share celebrated memories of your travels while helping them discover their new future. The epilogue can be experienced after completing the quests “Truth, Lies, and Choices” and “The Sunset”.

Completed Lost Ark - Elgacia

Once you have completed these tasks, you can obtain the Soldier Alexia Epilogue in the Ereonnor Military District. Completing the epilogue will reward you with the jukebox song “Journey’s End” and a new trigger item for the Vairgrys questline called the Beautifully Folded Letter.

The commander of the Infernal Mayhem Legion

The next exciting addition to the Lost Ark July update is the Kakul-Saydon Inferno Legion Raid. Representing the most challenging version of Legion Raids, this raid is designed to test your skills and prove that you are among the best of the best in Arkesia.

Lost Treasure - Kakul Saydon Inferno difficulty
Kakul Saydon Inferno Difficulty

Kakul-Saydon’s Inferno difficulty provides a challenging gameplay experience with an emphasis on bragging about wins rather than chasing regular rewards. Instead of traditional gear and materials, Inferno difficulty rewards highlight your achievements with titles, achievements, and even fortress structures.

Lost Ark – 2nd Best Clown Prince of Crime
2nd Best Clown Prince of Crime

To take on this demanding challenge, you need an item level of 1475 and a well-equipped build setup in the Book of Coordination.

commemorative box

One of the most intriguing additions to the game is the Music Box of Memories. This compelling feature unveils the tales of forgotten residents of Arkesia. The Music Box of Memories comes in the form of a gadget that can be played using a new resource called “Memory Orbs”. By completing quests and collecting memory orbs, you will receive rewards and clues about the residents of different continents in Arkesia that have not previously been in the spotlight.

Lost Ark - The Music Box
The music box

To access this feature, begin your journey to Memory Orbs by completing the Poet’s Letter guide quest after completing a number of other prerequisite quests. Look out for the new Music Box of Memories toy, NPC Leviyan, 17 achievements, 8 titles and 10 jukebox songs to refine your melodic experience even further.

Wake up Moko

Moko Island makes its debut, bringing with it an immersive questline in which you fight the evil witch Babayaba and earn unique island rewards. Explore the island, collect Moko Island Coins, and trade with the Coin Exchange NPC for exciting rewards. Also, enjoy the new Summer Trail theme in the fortress, which will add a refreshing touch to your gaming environment.

Lost Ark - The peaceful Mokoko Island
The peaceful Mokoko Island

The Maharaka Festival also returns with exciting new activities where you can soak up the sun, participate in unique games, and earn valuable progression rewards.

Lost Ark – Maharaka Festival returns!
The Maharaka Festival returns!

Take part in the “Run, Mokokos!” campaign. Part of the festival where you compete against other players and run to the finish line as Mokoko, skillfully dodging obstacles on the way. The festival will continue until the August update, which will bring additional activities to the event.

Treadmill gear revisions

Lost Ark gear progression gets a boost with the introduction of Rank 3 gear for Ancient Legion commanders. There have been changes to the crafting requirements for Relic Brelshaza gear, and players will now receive Phantom Intent, the new crafting material for Ancient Brelshaza gear, on Normal difficulty and above. These rewards can be used to upgrade gear on both Normal and Hard difficulty.

Lost Ark - I smell trouble!
I smell trouble!

In terms of general updates, there are several exciting additions and improvements. The Arcturus’ Touch feature will be extended to the Kakul Saydon and Brelshaza Legion raids. This provides additional clear rewards and “Show More” rewards for Legion Raids.

The base refinement growth spurt has also been extended to item level 1490. The buff provides higher success rates, lower requirements, and lower cost for the tier 3 base refinement. 1340 Gear.

The level cap for the Mokoko buff has been increased to item level 1490. This essentially allows players below this level to benefit from increased damage from and through monsters. Wandering vendors have been added in East Luterra, Yorn, and Feiton to make it easier for players to collect important stepping stone cards for endgame sets.

trade ark

In response to player feedback and to improve the overall trading experience, changes have been made to the market/auction house restrictions. The daily item registration limit has been increased from 40 to 100 items, allowing us to release more of our junk. The cooldown on purchase has been reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds to ensure we never miss out on purchasing our coveted gear.

Lost Ark - Kimono Action
Kimono Action

Other fixes and additions include the updated daily login reward track. Battle items are now squad-bound and have an increased stackable amount. Pheons are no longer required to move ability stones and accessories within the same list. This makes it more convenient for players with alternate characters. In addition, a number of bug fixes have been implemented to ensure a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

Lost Ark – New Mounts!

Finally, the shop was expanded to include the Kimono skin collection, Miho mounts, and Yoholing pets. Channel the power of longevity and good fortune with the Kimono skins as you battle the demonic hordes. In addition, a new festival wallpaper has been introduced to give you a celebratory feel on your squad screen.

Are Lost Arks Still Lost?

That concludes the extensive list of updates and features that await you in the July update. Be sure to visit the Lost Ark Wiki for more information on the game! Also check out some of the planned changes and the 2023 roadmap.

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