The full Exoprimal trophy list will appear online

exoprimalReleased a few days before the game’s release, the trophy list contains 40 trophies for players to collect. exoprimal is Capcom’s new dinosaur adventure with a modern twist, in which players team up to face off against giant creatures.

Capcom announced exoprimal Last year, a game was unveiled that pits humanity against some of history’s most terrifying beasts: dinosaurs. The 3D shooter’s narrative takes place in the year 2040, a year when sudden dinosaur invasions plunge the world into a crisis. To defend humanity, the Aibius Corporation developed the Leviathan AI to predict where the dinosaur invasions will take place. To face this challenge, players form teams and choose one of them exoprimalExosuits that grant attack, defense, and support abilities.

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The Exophase website revealed exoprimals trophy list, which includes 40 trophies (1 platinum, 5 gold, 5 silver, and 29 bronze). In order to get some of these trophies, players need to kill a certain number of the dinosaurs present in them exoprimal by using a specific suit. Therefore, players should expect that getting platinum will be a bit of a hassle. The listing also suggests that Capcom’s shooter has since had players test drive all of its exosuits exoprimal has specific trophies for each suit. An example is repairing 10,000 health with Witchdoctor, an exosuit that can boost his team’s offensive abilities. While some of exoprimalWhile the game’s trophies might seem more vague, players might find the list relatively easy.

Complete Exoprimal Trophy List (excluding story-related trophies)


  • Exoprimal: Acquired all Exoprimal trophies
  • Welcome to Aibius: Tutorial complete
  • Research Facility: Returned from Dino Survival for the first time
  • Good news!: Checked a report from Leviathan
  • Meet Durban: Defeated a powerful Neosaur
  • Peerless Shooter: Defeated 1,000 Dinosaurs with Deadeye
  • Riding the Wind: Defeated 1,000 Dinosaurs with Zephyr
  • High Explosive: Defeated 1,000 Dinosaurs with Barrage
  • Battlefield Recon: Defeated 1,000 Dinosaurs with Vigilant
  • Dead End: Blocked a total of 10,000 damage with Roadblock
  • Mission Complete: Blocked a total of 10,000 damage with Warrior
  • Mechanical Bushido: Blocked a total of 10,000 damage with Murasame
  • Healing Practices: Restored a total of 10,000 health points with Witchdoctor
  • Ruler of the Skies: Restored a total of 10,000 health with Skywave
  • Dangerous Skater: Restored a total of 10,000 health with Nimbus.
  • Spear Stopper: Stops a Triceratops attack with Roadblock.
  • No More Carnivores: Defeated a Carnotaurus
  • Turtle Slayer: Defeated a Triceratops
  • A New Tyrant: Defeated a T. Rex
  • Chalk Destroyer: Eliminated a total of 100,000 dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur Guide: Used a Dominator for the first time
  • Increasing Threat Level: Experienced a dinosaur upgrade for the first time
  • A choice of suits: Tried 10 different exo suits
  • Shapeshifter: Emerged victorious in Dino Survival with five different Exosuits
  • No exo suit? No problem: Eliminate 20 dinosaurs in a single game as a pilot
  • Exosuit Developer: Adjusted the Vigilant, Murasame, and Nimbus exosuits in the Hangar
  • Arms Dealer: Unlock three weapons
  • Choices, Choices: Equipped a module for the first time
  • Exosuit Researcher: Collected 50 modules.
  • One small step: Your suit level has been increased for the first time.
  • Ace Pilot: Reach suit level 10 with 10 exosuits.
  • Honor of the Exofighter: Equipped with an award for the first time.
  • Fashionable yet deadly: Place a suit skin, weapon skin, decal, and charm on a single Exosuit.

To make players even more curious about the game, Capcom recently revealed exoprimalpresented the roadmap and detailed the content that will be available in the first three seasons of the game. The highlight of the roadmap is Exoprimal’s collaboration with street fighter 6 And monster hunter, in the latter case the union of two universes known for their powerful creatures. No details were given about the crossovers, but a promotional image showed a robot ryu, prompting speculation about the possibility of it street fighter 6 Characters appearing in exosuit form. In the case of monster hunter In crossover, players shouldn’t be surprised if familiar enemies like Rathalos and Zinogre make an appearance exoprimal.

exoprimalCapcom’s Trophy List reflects Capcom’s efforts to keep players engaged with the game as much as possible. exoprimal showed potential in beta testing, and with the shooter’s day-one release on Xbox Game Pass, the title could find an engaged audience. Add to that the focus on the live service format and exoprimal could explore its concept in odd ways, bringing in potential collaborations with other Capcom games and beyond.

exoprimal will be released on July 14, 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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