The best tech deals on Amazon Prime Day

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After weeks of anticipation, Prime Day 2023 is finally here. As expected, a large portion of these Black Friday deals are tech gear. TVs, phones, smartwatch accessories, speakers and more are categories where there are some essential items to buy before the shopping event.

So if you’re looking for new tech and electronics but are waiting for a big sale, now is the perfect time to add your Wishlist to your cart. Scroll below for the best Prime Day tech deals of 2023 that are actually worth shopping for.

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iFox Portable Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Down from $50

This speaker has a list price of $50 but typically sells for $27.99 on Amazon. That’s pretty good for a water-resistant speaker that can be used in the shower or by the pool, but we think the $19.90 you’re paying for it during Prime Day blitz is even better. It’ll play music (or podcasts) for almost ten hours on a full charge and syncs seamlessly with your tablet or phone, so you can even take calls on the latter. It’s your choice if you do this in the shower.

Cubit CT2S Series 3 smart watch

You don’t have to spend a fortune for a reliable smartwatch these days. If you’re shopping on Prime Day(s), you don’t even have to pay the regular price of $64.95 for Cubit’s CT2S Series 3 smartwatch: it’s yours for $49.98. And with this temporarily less than $50 watch, you can monitor your heart rate, step count, blood oxygen level, and measure your sleep health. You can also use it to control calls, read texts or social media notifications, control your music, and more.

Apple 2023 MacBook Air

Down from $1,300

Apple products are hugely popular, but they’re also damn expensive. Expensive enough that the $100 you get for an Apple MacBook Air computer on Prime Day still means a laptop costs well over a grand, but hey, $100 is $100. If you’re already looking for a new computer, now is the time to buy one. And no queues at the Apple Store either.

Amazon Fire TV 43″ 4K UHD Series 4 Smart TV

It’s amazing how affordable smart flat screen TVs have become these days; It’s absolutely insane that you can get a 43-inch Smart HD TV for less than $260 on Prime Day. This UHD TV (that means “ultra high definition” as you can clearly see the pores on the actors’ faces) works with all your favorite streaming platforms like Prime (of course), Disney+, Netflix and more.

Beats Studio3 wireless noise canceling over-ear headphones

Down from $350

Audiophiles of this world, rejoice! The Studio3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones are one of the most impressive sets on the market to date. With their incredible noise cancellation (active and passive), extra-long battery life, rich bass and clear phone calls, it’s no wonder these headphones are so sought after. And if you snag a Prime Day deal, you’ll get more than half the MSRP offer, yours for just $169. Sounds good, right?

Eufy Security, S220 Video Doorbell

Down from $200

Increase the security (and peace of mind) of your home with this battery-powered, installation-free smart doorbell from Eufy. Get 35% off the regular price during Prime Day. This video doorbell system integrates with Amazon’s Alexa and does not require a monthly subscription. Once you buy the doorbell, you get all the features and functionality; No additional payments are required.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC digital microscope for children

Down from $100

If you’re looking for a great STEM toy for your kids – one you’ll surely want to get your hands on – to help stave off the summer brain drain, this functional microscope from Nat Geo is a great choice. And that’s especially true when there’s a 20 percent discount on Prime Day savings. This digital microscope is portable and can be taken anywhere from the basement to the backyard to the park or campsite. It opens up worlds that are barely visible.

Wyze WiFi Smart Bulb

Down from $15

Did you know that there are people who devote their entire professional lives to lighting in cinemas or theatres? These jobs exist because lighting is important. With this smart lightbulb, you can control the light in your room in countless ways, setting the mood for quiet, coziness, partying, waking up, sleeping and more. And if you buy a Wyze smart bulb during Prime Day, it’ll cost you a whopping $10.48

Shark Robot self-draining vacuum robot with IQ navigation

Down from $600

This smart vacuum from Shark normally retails for $600, but it’s discounted to just $299 on Prime Day. We’ll save you the math and say that’s a 50 percent savings. Speaking of sweeping up, that’s an activity you’ll be doing a lot less frequently once this smart robot vacuum has found your spot, as it can cruise around cleaning up and emptying its own bagless collection bin for a good 45 days before the average user has to use the storage bin drain its base.

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