Teamfight Tactics players are furious with the Gacha-style Battle Pass

Set 9 of Teamfight Tactics – titled Runeterra Reforged – has gone online. While players are having fun with the dramatically new collection of units, combos, and game mechanics, many are frustrated by the changes to the Battle Pass.

The main source of wrath is the removal of the Little Legend eggs. Previously, players who invested enough time in the set could expect some eggs as a reward, regardless of whether they paid for the Premium Pass or not. These would grant a random Little Legend – an upgradable player avatar – from the entire game duration. New Little Legends from the current set were readily available for those who paid for the pass.

However, these eggs have been removed from the Battle Pass by Riot Games and replaced with a new type of currency called Treasure Tokens. Instead of collecting the Eggs directly, players can now spend these Treasure Tokens in the Treasure Realms. It’s a gacha system, a type of reward system where players spend money on random rewards. In case you’ve never experienced anything like this, the term has its roots in Japanese gachapon slot machines, but you can think of it as a type of video game slot that pays out cosmetics instead of cash.

To put it a little lighter, the Riot Games film crew pulled out all the stops for the Runeterra Reforged trailer.

There are two ways to look at this change. One positive take – the view taken by Riot Games in the new pass’s official material – is that it provides a relatable and surefire way for all players to acquire Mythic cosmetics. Mythic cosmetics — the rarest and most valuable type of reward you can get with the Teamfight Tactics Battle Pass — used to be prizes owned by either the most die-hard high rollers or the lucky few. Players who roll 60 times (by spending 6,000 Treasure Tokens) are now guaranteed to get a Myth, a nice reward for long-term support.

However, those in the Teamfight Tactics community who are excited about these changes point out that it removes the surefire choice of cool Little Legends players that came with a one-time purchase of a Premium Pass and replaces it with a roll of the dice which could be very useful Well, that leads to disappointment. Not to mention that the time it takes to actually reach the 60 reel mark is certainly considerable.

“If we take a quick look at the math of the pass, it would take the average player about two and a half years to get a myth,” writes Reddit user ExcelIsSuck on Teamfight Tactics Reddit in a scathing post telling players before buying the passport warns. “That assumes there’s a Battle Pass every three months and you buy every single one. That’s an insane amount of time for a few pixels on a screen.”

Teamfight Tactics Set 9 treasury system

A devilish assortment of rare goods coming your way from behind the new gacha system.

This point stems from the fact that there are currently 600 tokens built into the current pass. While the idea of ​​a 60 reel guarantee sounds good, realistically the time it takes to get the current mythical loot is going to be very long. Since the Premium Pass costs 1,295 Riot Points (premium currency) while previous Mythic Little Legends like Chibi Teemo cost 1,900 Riot Points, the promise of an eventual Mythos doesn’t make too much sense from a financial perspective.

With anticipation at the prospect of future myths turning sour just hours after Runeterra Reforged’s release, players must look to the value of the pass itself, to judge it on its own merits. Where Premium Pass buyers previously received nine eggs, two of which were specific to the current set, you now have six buns at your disposal. It hits players who don’t pay particularly hard, because in the Treasure Trove only two dice are rolled from five eggs. It does not look good.

Riot Games has yet to comment on this backlash, but with hordes of players feeling the emptiness of their beloved eggs, one has to imagine that a fix will be found sooner or later. But what do you think? If you’re a Teamfight Tactics player, do you think the premium pass is still good value for money? More broadly, do you expect this type of gacha model to become more widespread in the industry? Let us know!

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