5 ways the immersive web will transform everyday activities

I write a lot about metaverse, virtual reality, augmented reality, web3 and other advances in the future internet. And there’s one underlying message that’s amazingly clear: as the internet becomes more immersive, the lines between the physical world around us and the virtual world are blurring. To the extent that activities we routinely engage in … Read more

3 Strategies to Overcome the Future Skills Shortage

With the rise of AI, Metaverse, and Web3 technologies (like VR, blockchain, and NFTs), it’s clear that the types of skills businesses need are evolving. The problem is an enormous global shortage of skilled workers in the field of future technologies. 3 Strategies to Overcome the Future Skills Shortage Adobe Stock For example, it’s estimated … Read more

5 ways it will change the patient experience

We cannot deny that healthcare is under severe pressure worldwide. Especially since the pandemic, waiting times can be long, access to certain services can be limited, and depending on where in the world you are, medical treatment can be prohibitively expensive. Metaverse technologies like virtual reality (VR) and digital twins can not only improve patient … Read more

Dating and sex in the internet of the future

As virtual environments become more common, it’s no surprise that dating, sex and relationships are evolving, allowing us to connect using the latest technology. Dating and sex in the internet of the future Adobe Stock Let’s take a closer look at how people will be using the future internet and having virtual sex so far, … Read more