Shahzada Dawood survived ‘plane crash’ before boarding Titanic submarine, her wife said

The Pakistani tycoon, who went to Titanic aboard a submersible that disappeared on Sunday, had previously endured a flight so horrifying he feared for his life, his wife revealed in a harrowing account of the incident five years ago. Prominent businessman Shahzada Dawood, 48, disappeared into the abyss of the Atlantic with his 19-year-old son … Read more

Creepy stories about past dives to the wreck of the Titanic keep piling up

Scores of former passengers who rode aboard the Titan, the submersible that disappeared Sunday with five people on board en route to the wreck of the Titanic, have detailed the startling shortcomings they encountered during their voyages – one passenger called trip on a “suicide mission”. Almost all of the former passengers spoke of power … Read more