Michael Imperioli: “Bigots” cannot see my work after the SCOTUS decision

Michael Imperioli turned the tables on “fanatics and homophobes” and supported the Supreme Court’s decision to allow a Christian website designer to discriminate against same-sex couples. The Sopranos star responded to news of the ruling with an angry Instagram post on Saturday, sharing a screenshot of an article headlined “Supreme Court protects web designers who … Read more

Democrats Seek Supreme Court Ethics Reform, Thomas Inquiry

Democratic lawmakers wrote a letter on Tuesday called for an investigation by the US Supreme Court into allegations of “ethical inadequacies” against Justice Clarence Thomas and for ethics reforms to prevent such violations in the future. In the letter to Chief Justice John Roberts, Rep. Dan Goldman (DN.Y.) and 17 other lawmakers called for the … Read more

The Supreme Court could allow providers to discriminate against customers

Imagine you are getting married. They’ve worked with a number of commercial suppliers to plan the perfect ceremony: a florist, a baker, a photographer, one of those wedding website companies, and of course the bespoke tailor and tailor. The big day is finally here, the vendors are there, but just as the guests arrive, something … Read more