Red, white and royal blue are ‘a royal disappointment’

(Image credit: Amazon Prime Video) Adapting Casey McQuiston’s hit 2019 LGBTQ+ romance novel into an Amazon Prime video is disappointingly predictable and cliche, writes Louis Staples. T The best romantic comedies have a special ability: they can make us abandon our most basic ideas about what we think is realistic or plausible, even when they’re … Read more

Kvitnes Gård: A 23-course meal in a secluded fjord

(Image credit: Eivind Natvig) At his Arctic Circle restaurant, chef Halvar Ellingsen aims to change the misconceptions of Norwegian cuisine, guest by guest. A Standing at the dock, I stripped off layers of gloves and thermal overalls that had kept me warm and dry on the boat ride over waves and fjords to reach Kvitnes … Read more

Discover Adelaide’s best bars with award-winning mixologist Callan Fleming

The specialist | Eat Drink (Image credit: Dylan Minchenberg) From the hybrid clubber 99 Gang Social to the stylish and understated Maybe Mae, award-winning mixologist Callan Fleming reveals his favorite bars in South Australia’s capital. f Flanked on three sides by scenic wine regions and blessed with a number of award-winning distilleries, South Australia’s capital … Read more

In Pictures: The Protectors of a 7,000-Year-Old Faith

Culture & Identity | churches and temples (Image credit: Simon Urwin) Lalish is a small mountain village in Kurdistan with only 25 inhabitants. It is to the Yazidis what Mecca is to Muslims. L 125 km northeast of Erbil (the capital of Kurdistan, an autonomous region in northern Iraq) lies the village shrine complex of … Read more

A Wellington Pub Crawl with Fat Freddy’s Drop

The specialist | Eat Drink (Image credit: Hawthorn Lounge) From craft beer at Parrotdog to cocktails at Hawthorn Lounge, members of the internationally acclaimed band share their picks of the city’s most thirst-quenching spots. B Surrounded by steep hills, Wellington sways on a harbor at the foot of New Zealand’s North Island. It is home … Read more

Earth’s newest ‘baby volcano’ – BBC Travel

(Image credit: Sophie Carr) On July 10, a volcanic eruption near Litli-Hrútur in south-west Iceland cracked the earth – and created a new “baby volcano”. O On the afternoon of July 10, the earth broke up. Northeast of the base of Litli-Hrútur – a small mountain on the Reykjanes Peninsula in southwest Iceland – three … Read more

Deep-sea freezers could revolutionize marine biology

This story was originally published by Hakai Magazine. In Japan’s muggy summers, nothing beats a frozen orange. The popular delicacy tastes great when you make it yourself. But it tastes even better when it is prepared 850 meters below the sea surface. “A little salty, but super tasty,” says Shinsuke Kawagucci, deep-sea geochemist at the … Read more

Why adults should read children’s books

Children’s books are written specifically to be read by a section of society without political or economic power. people who have no money, no voting rights, no control over capital, labor or state institutions; who navigate the world in the knowledge of their vulnerability. And to the same extent by people who are not yet … Read more

Ansel Adams: Eight of the Most Iconic Photographs of the American West

(Image credit: The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust) Ansel Adams’s images of national parks and oil derricks from the 1930s and 1940s are powerful reminders of the beauty and fragility of America’s natural landscapes, writes Cath Pound. A One of the giants of 20th-century photography, Ansel Adams is revered for his lush gelatin silver photographs … Read more

What would net zero shipping look like?

(Image credit: ocean bird) The International Maritime Organization has set a net zero target “by or around 2050”. What is necessary to achieve this? At a UN summit, countries have agreed to reduce shipping emissions to net-zero “by or around 2050”. At the annual meeting of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), countries agreed to cut … Read more