El Niño exacerbates global warming: record heat, floods, wildfires

Traffic Cop Rai Rogers mannes his street corner during an 8-hour shift under the hot sun in Las Vegas, Nevada July 12, 2023, where temperatures reached 106 degrees amid an ongoing heat wave. More than 50 million Americans are baking in dangerously high temperatures this week, from California to Texas to Florida, as a heatwave … Read more

The AI ​​revolution in healthcare is just around the corner

A trade visitor tries out data glasses for faster medical diagnosis at the special exhibition “Artificial Intelligence” in Dasa. Roland Frankincense | Picture Alliance | Getty Images The pandemic led to an explosion in the use of telemedicine. Now, artificial intelligence will continue to transform healthcare. AI-driven healthcare goes beyond chatbot doctors and AI diagnostics. … Read more

Deadly floods are hitting several countries, and scientists predict this will become increasingly common

Schools in New Delhi were forced to close on Monday after heavy monsoon rains devastated the Indian capital. Landslides and flash floods have killed at least 15 people in the past three days. Farther north, the overflowing Beas River swept vehicles downstream and inundated neighborhoods. In Japan, torrential rain The storm raged across the southwest, … Read more

Controversial Chinese scientist He Jiankui proposes new research on gene editing

Hong Kong CNN — He Jiankui, the Chinese scientist who sparked global outrage in 2018 when he revealed he had created the first genetically engineered children, has come up with a new proposal for manipulating human embryos that he says could help the “aging population” to help. He, who was sentenced to three years in … Read more

France is pushing to become Europe’s AI hub, eclipsing the US

French President Emmanuel Macron attended the country’s premier tech event, Viva Tech. Macron told CNBC France will invest in AI “like crazy”. Nathan Laine | Bloomberg | Getty Images PARIS – France is making a major effort to position itself as Europe’s artificial intelligence hub, and is making every effort to support the fast-growing and … Read more

Four alarming charts showing just how extreme the climate is right now

CNN — Rising temperatures. Unusually hot oceans. Record high carbon pollution in the atmosphere and low ice levels in Antarctica. We’re only halfway through 2023, and so many climate records are being broken that some scientists are sounding the alarm, fearing it could be a sign the planet is warming much faster than expected. In … Read more