Thames Water: Why the UK’s water industry is struggling with spills, major leaks and crushing debt

London CNN — Financial difficulties at the company, which supplies water to more than a fifth of Britain’s population, have raised concerns about the dire state of an industry that provides a resource people cannot live without. The problems are most acute at Thames Water, the London water company, but the entire industry in England … Read more

Management of rivers as systems to maintain irrigation and other benefits

Irrigation from river water supports 25% of global food production. WWF The first complex societies arose in river valleys – from the Nile through the Indus and the Yangtze to the Tigris and Euphrates. Why did early civilizations almost always originate in river valleys? In large part because rivers are engines of food productivity. But … Read more

UK river pollution monitoring is 50 years out of date, researchers say

Scum floating on the Ribble River near Clitheroe in Lancashire, UK Ashley Cooper/Alamy Monitoring of rivers in the UK has not been updated since the 1970s and only provides a snapshot of the state of water quality, making restoration efforts difficult. The four British nations have similar methods when it comes to policing rivers. In … Read more

Saving Britain’s Rivers: How you can help by becoming a citizen scientist

Cleanup of the Thames in London Thames21 Concerned about the state of Britain’s waterways? Would you like to do your part to improve them? As part of New Scientists As part of the Save Britain’s Rivers campaign, we’ve rounded up the most interesting citizen science projects that share our ambition to protect and restore these … Read more