How much income would it take to feel rich? Here is the response of the Americans surveyed

CNN — It’s age-old questions: How much does it take to feel financially secure? How much would you need to feel rich? According to a new Bankrate survey, more than 2,500 US adults said they needed to earn an average of $233,000 a year to feel financially secure and $483,000 a year to feel wealthy … Read more

The average 401(k) account balance tops $112,000, a new report shows

new York CNN — The average balance of employer-sponsored savings plans last year was $112,572, well below the $141,542 in 2021. That’s according to the latest annual report, How America Saves, from investment firm Vanguard, which acts as bookkeeper for defined contribution plans that collectively have nearly 5 million participants with an average age of … Read more