WeWork warns that the company will continue to exist and considers possible bankruptcy to be a possibility

July 29, 2023, Australia, Sydney: The logo of “Wework”, a company that offers office and coworking spaces for the self-employed and companies, lights up in front of skyscrapers in the city center. Sebastian Christoph Gollnow Picture Alliance | Getty Images Four years ago We work prepared for a blockbuster IPO. The company is now warning … Read more

CVS Health plans to shed thousands of corporate jobs nationwide.

CVS Health Corp, which owns Hartford-based health insurer Aetna, plans to cut 5,000 corporate jobs statewide this year as the pharmacy giant looks to cut spending and shift investments to the healthcare and technology that will drive its future growth. The job cuts were announced in an internal employee memorandum late Monday. A CVS spokesman … Read more

Foxconn’s failed chip attempt in India shows how difficult it is for new players

This month Foxconn pulled out of its joint venture with Vedanta. The two sides “mutually agreed to go their separate ways,” Foxconn said in a statement at the time. Sopa Pictures | flare | Getty Images Foxconn is best known as the main assembler of Apple’s iPhones. But in recent years, the Taiwanese company has … Read more

Mining uses innovative technology to find copper and other EV metals

Miners are turning to machine learning, cutting-edge chemistry and other innovative means to increase supply of critical materials like copper and graphite as demand for green technologies increases. In 2011, Nico Cuevas, a Mexican immigrant and Arizona resident, realized that Tesla would need a source of graphite for battery anodes to build electric vehicles in … Read more

Microsoft Aptos is the next standard Office font

Goodbye Calibri. Microsoft has named the next default font for its productivity apps like Word and Outlook after testing five candidates launched in 2021. Since then it has been called Bierstadt. Now it gets a new name: Aptos. The move amounts to a subtle refinement of some of the world’s most popular software programs. Microsoft … Read more

What are gallium and germanium? China cuts exports of tech metals

China is restricting exports of two niche metals vital to manufacturing electronics and semiconductors as technology disputes with the US and Europe deepen. Germanium and gallium are the two metals that are in the spotlight. But what and how important are they? Why is China imposing export restrictions on metals? China and the US are … Read more

Executives are not inclined to exclude humans from AI decision-making

Humans and AI: Perfect together? getty Executives are far from ready to put their companies on autopilot, and probably never will. That’s according to a survey of 1,000 business leaders around the world, which found that 93% of business leaders believe it’s important for people to have AI or machine learning on top of important … Read more

Asana’s Dustin Moskovitz is optimistic about AI but concerned about risk

Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder and CEO of Asana. asana The typical playbook for a successful tech founder looks something like this. Start a business with full ownership. Sell ​​significant portions to venture capitalists as the business progresses. Eventually become a minority owner. Take the company public. Sell ​​more inventory over time. Asana’s Dustin Moskovitz took that … Read more

France is pushing to become Europe’s AI hub, eclipsing the US

French President Emmanuel Macron attended the country’s premier tech event, Viva Tech. Macron told CNBC France will invest in AI “like crazy”. Nathan Laine | Bloomberg | Getty Images PARIS – France is making a major effort to position itself as Europe’s artificial intelligence hub, and is making every effort to support the fast-growing and … Read more