Rediscovery of Paul McCartney’s photos of the Beatles’ invasion in 1964

Paul McCartney used his Pentax camera the same way he used his guitar: with complete freedom. And in early 1964, the 21-year-old took his new camera with him on perhaps the most significant musical journey of the 20th century: the Beatles’ invasion of America. When the Beatles first visited the United States, Paul McCartney brought … Read more

Resurrection AI ushers in a new era of human rights, but it’s complicated

Gothenburg, Sweden – March 24, 2013: Beatles single cover. All records are originals from the … [+] year in which they were first published. getty Last week Sir Paul McCartney spoke about how Peter Jackson brought back John Lennon’s voice by extracting it from an old cassette recording while he was making the movie Get … Read more