Ice Cream Recall Due to Listeria Outbreak Affects 19 States, DC

An ice cream-related outbreak of Listeria has so far caused two people in New York to become ill and hospitalized … [+] and Pennsylvania. (Photo: Getty) getty Listeria monocytogenes in ice cream does not make a particularly nice cream. In fact, it can result in a really terrible cream. The‘S Why Real Kosher Ice Cream … Read more

The Boise Board of Health has linked Legionnaires’ disease to the local gym

Bacteria at a Boise gym is believed to have sickened three people in June. Central District Health, the local public health agency serving Boise, has linked three cases of Legionnaires’ disease in June to a hot tub at Crunch Fitness at 2999 N. Lakeharbor Lane, along West State Street. The disease can be fatal. What … Read more

Peru is experiencing the worst dengue outbreak in its history, with over 146,000 cases

A health brigade disinfects a street against Aedes aegypti, which can transmit the dengue virus … [+] Lima, Peru. Peru is experiencing its worst dengue outbreak ever. (Photo by CRIS BOURONCLE/AFP via Getty Images) AFP via Getty Images Peru is suffering from a very severe outbreak of dengue fever, nicknamed “Fractured Bone Fever”. In fact, … Read more