Generation Zer’s health-conscious millennials are making cottage cheese cool again

As you delve into the foodie world on TikTok, the hub called #foodtok, cottage cheese is sure to be on many of the plates you’ll see. According to NPR, cottage cheese became a staple of food culture in the 1950s, but it didn’t really achieve its glory until the 1970s. According to the US Department … Read more

Monthly child tax credits linked to improved adult health and food security

Monthly cash payments to eligible families as part of the federal child tax credit’s temporary expansion during the pandemic have resulted in better adult health and food security, a new study conducted by UCLA suggests. The policy, which expired in late 2021, was not renewed because lawmakers fear the loan is too generous, particularly for … Read more

The study examines the impact of maternal incarceration on adolescent health risk behaviors

Women represent the fastest growing population in U.S. correctional facilities. Over the past four decades, the number of incarcerated women has increased by more than 475%, from 26,326 in 1980 to 152,854 in 2020. Because the majority of incarcerated women are mothers a conservative estimate is that at least one million American children who are … Read more