England’s ‘broken’ hospital infrastructure under the magnifying glass

Last year there were more than 100 chemical leaks in England’s public hospitals. getty An investigation found there were more than 100 chemical leaks in England’s public hospitals last year. According to a British political party, there were spills of liquids such as bleach in wards, pharmacies and emergency rooms, among others. According to a … Read more

Britain’s largest ever maternity security review to examine 1,700 cases

A young mother in a hospital gown holds her child in her arms. The baby’s eyes are closed. getty An inquiry into failures in midwifery at a hospital foundation in central England will be the largest of its kind in the country. Around 1,700 cases at Nottingham University Hospitals Trust are being examined by an … Read more

UK Public Health Service at 75: On life support?

Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), deeply loved but plagued by a crisis, on Wednesday celebrates its 75th anniversary since its inception as the western world’s first universal, free healthcare system. In a secular age, the NHS is Britain’s closest thing to a national religion – deeply respected and enjoying greater public support than the Royal … Read more