The Maui Fires and Our Wildfire Age

A few days ago the hurricane forecasts looked good. Dora would miss Hawaii and pass far to the south. And yet the storm wreaked havoc on the islands, not as a rain-bringing cyclone, but as a wind — hot, dry winds that met a wildfire as they blew across the island of Maui. A fire … Read more

Vermont’s flood-hit capital is considering rebuilding with climate change in mind

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — A popular bookstore in the small Vermont capital moved across the street to a new location farther from the Winooski River after an ice jam in 1992 flushed river water into the store. A nearby office supply and gift store did the same thing in 2011 because it liked a different … Read more

Canadian Wildfires: As wildfires devastate more and more land, responders are finding it difficult to even keep up

Chibougamau, Quebec CNN — When the Silver State Hotshot crew arrived from Nevada a few weeks ago, Canada’s wildfires had already burned millions of acres and broken all-time fire records. So everyone already knew what they were dealing with. “For us in the states, this would be one of the biggest fires of all time… … Read more

El Niño exacerbates global warming: record heat, floods, wildfires

Traffic Cop Rai Rogers mannes his street corner during an 8-hour shift under the hot sun in Las Vegas, Nevada July 12, 2023, where temperatures reached 106 degrees amid an ongoing heat wave. More than 50 million Americans are baking in dangerously high temperatures this week, from California to Texas to Florida, as a heatwave … Read more

Climate change feels more real now than ever

Climate change feels more real now than ever. David Dee Delgado/Getty; John Tully/The Washington Post/Getty; Ash ponders/Bloomberg/Getty Jul 13, 2023 5:39pm ET It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all overlapping climate catastrophes. In Phoenix, Arizona, temperatures have soared to 110 degrees for almost two straight weeks. The waters off Florida’s coast are … Read more

Deadly floods are hitting several countries, and scientists predict this will become increasingly common

Schools in New Delhi were forced to close on Monday after heavy monsoon rains devastated the Indian capital. Landslides and flash floods have killed at least 15 people in the past three days. Farther north, the overflowing Beas River swept vehicles downstream and inundated neighborhoods. In Japan, torrential rain The storm raged across the southwest, … Read more

IAEA chief to visit Japan’s tsunami-ravaged nuclear power plant before release of radioactive water

TOKYO (AP) – The United Nations nuclear chief is due to visit Japan’s tsunami-ravaged nuclear plant on Wednesday after the agency confirmed the safety of a controversial plan to discharge treated radioactive water into the sea. En route to the Fukushima Daiichi power plant, a highlight of his four-day visit to Japan, Rafael Mariano Grossi, … Read more

Why it is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to take out household contents insurance

new York CNN — Home contents insurance is becoming more and more expensive and difficult to find in many places. There are no signs that the situation will improve any time soon. The culprits: climate change, rising costs for conversions or repairs and a sharp increase in premiums from reinsurance companies, which insurers use to … Read more