The Chinese spy service’s social media debut calls on “all members of society” to fight against espionage

Hong Kong CNN — China’s top-secret civilian espionage service has set up a public account on a major social media platform to call on “all members of society” to join its fight against espionage, offering rewards and protection for those who provide information. The Ministry of State Security oversees intelligence and counterintelligence both in China … Read more

Chris Christie is fighting Trump with major donors on his side

As New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie prepared to run for president earlier this year, he asked some of Wall Street’s richest backers about funding a $100 million bid to save the former president Donald Trump to take on, according to one person who heard directly from Wall Street’s GOP candidate. Since those calls, several business … Read more

Children die every day in a border camp in South Sudan while waiting for international aid

Renk, South Sudan CNN — Kueaa Darhok, wearing baggy pants over borrowed rubber boots, tries to make his way through the sucking mud and deep puddles on his way to the communal kitchen at the center of the transit camp he now calls home. There, Sudanese refugees and returning South Sudanese wait under his reassuring … Read more