A psychologist reveals what really goes on in the mind of a political extremist

These days, emotions regularly overwhelm truth, feelings overshadow facts, and reason overshadows … [+] drowned out by fiery rhetoric. This is the post-truth age, where misinformation thrives. getty Wherever you are on the political spectrum, chances are you have strong opinions about things that are important to you. You may also have a sense of … Read more

New study results show that deepfake videos trick us into inventing false memories

In 2005, Will Smith starred in a remake of The Matrix. It made a small splash at the box office before quietly disappearing into relative obscurity. You might have remembered that – which would be odd because the fact of the matter is that I just completely made this movie up. And yet, just by … Read more

Health experts speak about the ongoing impact of COVID on highlighted system deficiencies

The Hill brought together medical experts on Thursday morning to reflect on the lessons learned from the pandemic and discuss the future of the US healthcare system following major public health policy shifts. At The Hill’s 2023 Future of Healthcare Summit, moderated by editor-in-chief Bob Cusack and national political reporter Julia Manchester, misinformation about COVID-19 … Read more