When it comes to abortion rights, Ohio is the new Kansas

Ohio voters — in a rare election in August — voted in unexpectedly large numbers against a ballot measure that would have made it harder to get a constitutional abortion-rights amendment on the ballot in November. The election came almost to the day after voters in Kansas also stunned observers by supporting abortion rights in … Read more

New study highlights lack of coverage and access to mental health care

With increased demand for mental health care, a new study finds that nearly two-thirds of Medicare Advantage’s psychiatric networks serve fewer than 25% of all psychiatrists in a given service area. That means many people covered through Medicare Advantage plans may not have access to psychiatrists given how few are considered psychiatric.” Jane Zhu, MD, … Read more

Medicaid expansion begins today in South Dakota, overcoming years of Republican obstacles

Effective Saturday, July 1, 2023, South Dakota finally acted on its constituents’ request for an extension … [+] Medicaid benefits for more than 40,000 low-income adults under the Affordable Care Act after years of fierce Republican opposition and failed attempts to derail expanded health coverage for the poor. This photo shows the State Capitol building … Read more

As Utah dissipates COVID-era Medicaid insurance, thousands are losing their health insurance

Tens of thousands of low-income Utahans have lost their health insurance in recent weeks, and more are expected to drop out of health insurance in the coming months as a pandemic-era federal policy that prohibited states from excluding people from Medicaid continues is dissolved. According to the Utah Department of Health and Human Services, more … Read more

Most people struggle with their health insurance, but still like it

CNN — Most Americans have had trouble using their health insurance over the past year, but the majority are still happy with their coverage, a new report has found. About 58% of insured adults had at least one problem in the past year, according to a survey by KFF, formerly the Kaiser Family Foundation, released … Read more