Japanese tech giant reports surprise loss

SoftBank reported a surprise loss for the first quarter from April through June, despite an investment gain from its massive, technology-focused Vision Fund. Here’s how the company did it: SoftBank Group reported a net loss attributable to owners of the parent company of 477.6 billion yen ($3.3 billion). That was well below a Refinitv analyst’s … Read more

Amazon CEO Jassy’s cost cuts lead to biggest profit increase since 2020

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos famously shunned Wall Street’s profit obsession, claiming the customer is always more important. While his successor, Andy Jassy, ​​also talks a lot about customer support, investors have forced him to take a serious look at profitability. And his efforts are paying off. Amazon pleased investors Thursday with earnings of 65 cents … Read more

TikTok’s latest venture: subscription-based music streaming

With a billion users, TikTok has quickly become one of the major players in the music industry and now aims to revolutionize the way artists are discovered and paid. Tolga Akmen | Afp | Getty Images TikTok recently launched a new rival for the music streaming giants Spotify And Apple Music, because the popular short … Read more

Foxconn’s failed chip attempt in India shows how difficult it is for new players

This month Foxconn pulled out of its joint venture with Vedanta. The two sides “mutually agreed to go their separate ways,” Foxconn said in a statement at the time. Sopa Pictures | flare | Getty Images Foxconn is best known as the main assembler of Apple’s iPhones. But in recent years, the Taiwanese company has … Read more

New study results show that deepfake videos trick us into inventing false memories

In 2005, Will Smith starred in a remake of The Matrix. It made a small splash at the box office before quietly disappearing into relative obscurity. You might have remembered that – which would be odd because the fact of the matter is that I just completely made this movie up. And yet, just by … Read more

Elon Musk plans Tesla and Twitter collaborations with xAI

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Friday that he plans to collaborate with the automaker on both the “silicon space” and “AI software” space for his newest venture, artificial intelligence startup xAI. During Friday’s live audio session on Twitter Spaces, Musk also said xAI will use Twitter data to train the “highly curious” artificial intelligence systems … Read more

Reliance Jio Bharat’s phone opens the door to the internet for rural India

According to International Data Corporation, there are about 250 million feature phone users in India and many of them still use 2G phones and only for voice calls Indranil Mukherjee | Afp | Getty Images The world may be transitioning to super-fast internet speeds with 5G or even 6G, but the masses of rural India … Read more

What are gallium and germanium? China cuts exports of tech metals

China is restricting exports of two niche metals vital to manufacturing electronics and semiconductors as technology disputes with the US and Europe deepen. Germanium and gallium are the two metals that are in the spotlight. But what and how important are they? Why is China imposing export restrictions on metals? China and the US are … Read more

This is what traveling on the Internet of the future will look like

The future internet will give us the opportunity to travel in whole new ways, whether through fully immersive virtual travel experiences or by adding cutting-edge technologies to our real-world travel experiences. This is what traveling on the Internet of the future will look like Adobe Stock With Metaverse and decentralized internet technology, travel companies can … Read more