As home improvement projects fail, it’s time for Ikea

new York CNN — Budding homeowners are finding the housing market to be pretty grim of late. With mortgage rates at record highs, expensive insurance, and a limited choice of expensive homes, many are staying—whether they want to or not. But the desolate The prospect could be a boon for Ikea, a budget furniture seller … Read more

Mortgage rates are rising again, but house prices aren’t falling: Why the housing market is out of whack

new York CNN — When the Federal Reserve launched its rate hike campaign in March last year, the housing market reacted predictably – mortgage rates rose, which eventually caused house prices to fall. But after ten rate hikes, the real estate market – traditionally one of the most interest-rate sensitive parts of the economy – … Read more

Bull Market or Fool Market? Investors say the latter

A version of this story first appeared in CNN Business’s Before the Bell newsletter. Not a subscriber? You can login exactly here. You can listen to an audio version of the newsletter by clicking the same link. new York CNN — The stock market has made incredible strides since its downturn last year — so … Read more