England’s ‘broken’ hospital infrastructure under the magnifying glass

Last year there were more than 100 chemical leaks in England’s public hospitals. getty An investigation found there were more than 100 chemical leaks in England’s public hospitals last year. According to a British political party, there were spills of liquids such as bleach in wards, pharmacies and emergency rooms, among others. According to a … Read more

Local students explore healthcare at MASH Camp | Training

This week’s MASH camp gave high school seniors a glimpse into their possible future in healthcare. With practical experience and intensive guidance from medical staff, this camp can be an introduction to the medical field. “The idea is to introduce them to the different health professions that they might be interested in in the future,” … Read more

How my brother’s death changed my attitude towards mental health care

My siblings and I didn’t grow up in a typical “nuclear family” – our family tree did a lot from branches. For the purposes of this story, you need to know that my father married my stepmother when I was a teenager, bringing my stepbrother and stepsister Matthew and Kristina together with my half-sister Natasha … Read more

NIAGARA DISCOVERIES: Niagara County Children’s Health Camp, 1926-1982 | lifestyles

IIn the 1920’s tuberculosis, formerly known as consumption, was still a very real health concern for many Americans. From the late 19th century, two methods were introduced to slow the progression of the disease, both in individuals and in the community. It was found that when patients were sent to places where they could breathe … Read more

Reinventing the ER for America’s mental health crisis

the EmAWAY The ward at Fairview Southdale Hospital where I met Mitlyng is modestly sized at fifteen beds but is still one of the largest in the country. It is led by Lewis Zeidner, a clinical psychologist who has worked in emergency psychiatry for more than four decades. Zeidner, a mild-mannered man with silver hair, … Read more

Digital Health’s H1 funding landscape: Leaner checks, fewer deals, and a smaller investor pool

The digital health sector has entered a new era in terms of funding, now decoupled from the feverish flow of capital in 2020 and 2021. Startups in this space must quickly adapt to a fundraising landscape characterized by smaller check sizes, fewer deals and a smaller cohort of investors, according to a new study report … Read more

Britain’s largest ever maternity security review to examine 1,700 cases

A young mother in a hospital gown holds her child in her arms. The baby’s eyes are closed. getty An inquiry into failures in midwifery at a hospital foundation in central England will be the largest of its kind in the country. Around 1,700 cases at Nottingham University Hospitals Trust are being examined by an … Read more

“Hope Is Not a Business Model”: Digital Health Fundraising Advice from 2 VCs

In the last year or so, the digital health fundraising landscape has evolved passed From a climate where corporations have had more power (given the extraordinary interest in all things tech) to one where investors have more power. In 2021, this investment space was characterized by inflated valuations and large rounds of funding, but companies … Read more

KFF HEALTH NEWS: Will the doctor see you now? The changing landscape of the healthcare system News

Lucia Agajanian, a 25-year-old freelance film producer based in Chicago, does not have a designated family doctor and prefers the convenience of visiting a local clinic for flu shots or being able to conduct video visits online. “You say what you need and there’s a 15-minute wait,” she explained of how her appointments usually go. … Read more

NYC pays $5 million to better collect health data after system crashes during pandemic

The city’s health department says its disease-recording system has been so overwhelmed during the pandemic that it’s having to spend $5 million to overhaul it. “The current state [Electronic Data Reporting Infrastructure] was unable to process the overwhelming coverage of COVID 19,” the Department’s Public Health Fund said in its bidding for a three-year, $5 … Read more