The New York Department of Health has been charged as much as $2.4,000 per COVID shot at some locations due to poor oversight: exam

Poor oversight by the New York City Department of Health allowed an outside provider to drastically overstaff immunization and testing centers during the COVID crisis, resulting in a multimillion-dollar cash robbery, a new audit by the City Comptroller shows. The investigation found that the company, Executive Medical Services PC, was allowed to set its own … Read more

NYC pays $5 million to better collect health data after system crashes during pandemic

The city’s health department says its disease-recording system has been so overwhelmed during the pandemic that it’s having to spend $5 million to overhaul it. “The current state [Electronic Data Reporting Infrastructure] was unable to process the overwhelming coverage of COVID 19,” the Department’s Public Health Fund said in its bidding for a three-year, $5 … Read more