The American Heart Association invests in the future of heart and brain health research

More than 100 scientists from across the US will receive special grants to support their research in finding innovative solutions to fight heart disease and stroke. The grants, totaling $20 million, are part of the Second Century of Science initiative of the American Heart Association, the world’s leading volunteer organization dedicated to helping people live … Read more

Hero AI is trying to change the mindset in the lagging healthcare sector

Hero AI, Devin Singh, Founder Devin Singh Adoption of AI in healthcare continues to lag behind. The complexity and sensitivity of patient data, as well as the way it is managed and communicated within systems and between institutions, requires significant time and investment. Healthcare data has slowly been digitized over the past decade, but stringent … Read more

COVID-19 excess mortality as measured by the Global Health Security Index

In a recent study published in BMJ Global HealthResearchers compare coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) excess mortality rates in 183 countries. Learn: Assessment of the Global Health Security Index as a predictor of COVID-19 excess mortality, standardized for under-reporting and age structure. Photo credit: ETAJOE / background COVID-19, an infectious viral disease caused by the … Read more

Bempedoic Acid, a Statin Alternative, Reduces Heart Attack Risk by 39%

Those taking bempedoic acid once daily had an average reduction of 30.2 mg/dL or 21.3% … [+] Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels over a period of approximately three years. Elevated LDL levels can lead to the formation of cholesterol plaques, which can constrict blood vessels, as seen in this 3D illustration. (Photo: Getty) getty If … Read more