Former Fox News pundit Bill Kristol joins fight to have Fox Station denied broadcast license

Bill Kristol, the neocon commentator who founded The weekly standard and spent a decade at Fox News, calls on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to refuse to renew the broadcasting license of a local Philadelphia station owned by Fox Corporation. The informal objection, co-signed by former PBS President Ervin Duggan, follows a formal petition to … Read more

Republicans waste no time blaming Hunter Biden for White House cocaine saga

Sunday’s discovery of cocaine in the White House has prompted several Republicans to target President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, as a potential abuser — despite little evidence to suggest he was behind the discovery. The small bag of drugs was found in a high-traffic area of ​​the West Wing, where guests touring the building leave … Read more

Trump tells Fox News it’s “fake news” while defending leaked recordings

In response to the leaked recording, which showed him waving around “strictly confidential” documents he admitted had not released, he told Fox News he had done “nothing wrong,” and on Tuesday ranted that the conservative cable giants are “fake news”. CNN obtained a tape of a 2021 meeting between Trump and several people working on … Read more

How right-wing media turned the Titan submarine disaster into a giant conspiracy

While it was almost inevitable that the right-wing outrage industrial complex would make the Titan submarine disaster another flash point in its never-ending culture war over “wakeiness,” conservatives also found a way, a Hunter Biden conspiracy theory to add to the mix. And as an aside, at least one prominent far-right media personality has implied … Read more