How Ira Khan, Daughter of Aamir Khan, Battled Her Lows and Decided to Become a Mental Health Fighter | Health and Wellness News

Despite it being one of the wettest days in Mumbai, a small group of visitors turned up for an hour-long evening event on “emotional hygiene” led by Ira Khan at a community center in a charming two-story building in Pali Village. After playing a video on “How to Use Dopamine and Motivation,” 25-year-old Khan — … Read more

Does Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet Affect Mental Health?

In a recently published study in the nutrient In the journal, researchers examined the link between a healthy diet and the mental health of Spanish nursing students. Multivariable regression models showed that poor adherence to the Mediterranean diet was correlated with increased depressive symptoms in these students, demonstrating the role of diet as a key … Read more

How life in the city can affect mental health

By 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities. Urban life is characterized by high commercial and residential building densities, more stressful conditions, poorer access to green spaces, and higher exposure to substance use. A recent study published in natural medicine examines the impact of the urban environment on adult mental health. Learn: … Read more

Are They Safe For Pregnant Women?

In a recent article in NatureResearchers are evaluating the T-cell modulating effects of St. John’s wort, valerian, hops, lavender and California poppy. Learn: Immunological evaluation of herbal extracts commonly used to treat mental disorders during pregnancy. Image Source: PattPaulStudio / background Nonpsychotic mental illnesses (NMDs), including depression, anxiety, dissociative and adjustment disorders, somatoform disorders, … Read more

How a telehealth company is fighting the suicide epidemic

depression AdobeStock_261291438 According to the CDC, suicide remains one of the leading causes of death. According to the CDC, there is a death in the United States every 11 minutes. At the same time, only half of people with mental health problems receive treatment. I recently spoke to Brad Kittredge, CEO and co-founder of Brightside … Read more