Why don’t Trump’s right-wing critics want him prosecuted?

So far, most reactions to the impeachment of former President Donald Trump have fallen into two depressing categories: denial from his fans and cheers from his opponents. I suspect that the middle third of the American public — the segment of the population that generally decides presidential elections — isn’t standing here. Despite all the … Read more

There’s a good reason Trump officials don’t think the new charges are a joke

Donald Trump has publicly joked about the four most recent crimes against him. But behind the scenes, Trump’s advisers are quietly admitting that this latest indictment of the ex-president’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election is no laughing matter. “Most of us consider the events of January 6 to be the most concerning,” a Trump … Read more

Trump is a dangerous criminal who belongs in prison

The four-count indictment brought against Donald Trump by Special Counsel Jack Smith alleges that “the defendant” convened with others in the outer Oval Office on Jan. 6, about two hours after the mob broke into the Capitol have to watch the attack on TV. “See, that’s what happens when they try to steal an election. … Read more

Trumpworld is quietly preparing for a chaotic ground fight at Congress

Welcome to Trail Mix, a fun yet nutritious snack for your election news diet. Do you see anything interesting along the way? Email me at jake.lahut@thedailybeast.com. This week, we delve into the Trump campaign’s oddly premature plans for a controversial convention. Also, a stalwart Michigan candidate who can’t tear himself away from photos with some … Read more

Jan 6 Rioters have bad news for Donald Trump over Washington, DC, jury

However Donald Trump fares in the Mar-a-Lago documents case in Florida, he will face a much tougher fight if the targeted letter he received on Sunday is followed by charges of attempted overthrow of the 2020 election. Those charges would almost certainly be brought in Washington, DC, where on January 6, juries convicted one defendant … Read more

An indictment against Trump on January 6 would contain very serious allegations

As the Justice Department’s special attorney prepares to indict former President Donald Trump, all signs point to criminal charges unprecedented in American history: defrauding the nation using fake voters to sway the 2020 election, obstruction of Congress to prevent him from confirming votes, and inciting an insurrection. On Tuesday, Trump claimed he was singled out … Read more

Trump hired consultant John Tate, whom he pardoned for campaign finance crimes

Former President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign poked fun at campaign finance laws again, this time by hiring a strategist convicted of crimes related to a political bribery scheme — whom Trump later pardoned. According to new revelations filed over the weekend, Trump’s political organization hired John Tate through his firm JFT Consulting, Inc. JFT received … Read more

Win or lose, Chris Christie runs the best campaign against Trump

Don’t look now, but Chris Christie has a moment. While Donald Trump is clearly the unaffordable frontrunner for the Republican nomination, there’s no denying that Christie is the most interesting among the growing Republican candidates competing for that coveted spot. Check out some of Christie’s recent greatest hits. When Trump poked fun at Christie’s weight, … Read more