How my brother’s death changed my attitude towards mental health care

My siblings and I didn’t grow up in a typical “nuclear family” – our family tree did a lot from branches. For the purposes of this story, you need to know that my father married my stepmother when I was a teenager, bringing my stepbrother and stepsister Matthew and Kristina together with my half-sister Natasha … Read more

Is it genetic? What experts are saying about the risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s, ADHD and more

“Do you have a family history of this?” This question is often asked in healthcare: how much? genetics Impact on your physical and mental health? “Almost every condition you can think of has a genetic basis, but the genetic basis varies,” explains Dr. Eimear Kenny, professor of medicine and genetics and founding director of the … Read more

Does Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet Affect Mental Health?

In a recently published study in the nutrient In the journal, researchers examined the link between a healthy diet and the mental health of Spanish nursing students. Multivariable regression models showed that poor adherence to the Mediterranean diet was correlated with increased depressive symptoms in these students, demonstrating the role of diet as a key … Read more

Few patients continue Wegovy after one year

A selection of injection pens for weight loss drug Wegovy are seen in this photo illustration in Chicago, Illinois March 31, 2023. Jim Vondruska | Reuters Only about one-third of patients prescribed weight-loss medications such as Novo NordiskWegovy, ,’s blockbuster injection, continued taking it a year later — but total healthcare costs for the entire … Read more

Digital Health’s H1 funding landscape: Leaner checks, fewer deals, and a smaller investor pool

The digital health sector has entered a new era in terms of funding, now decoupled from the feverish flow of capital in 2020 and 2021. Startups in this space must quickly adapt to a fundraising landscape characterized by smaller check sizes, fewer deals and a smaller cohort of investors, according to a new study report … Read more

How the US government can fight the obesity epidemic

Boxes of the drug Ozempic, which was originally approved by the FDA to treat people with type 2 diabetes. … [+] Photo illustration by Mario Tama, Getty Images. Getty Images disciples die. live harder Go bankrupt. It’s difficult to overestimate the longitudinal effects of obesity in America. An estimated 7 in 10 Americans are overweight … Read more

“Hope Is Not a Business Model”: Digital Health Fundraising Advice from 2 VCs

In the last year or so, the digital health fundraising landscape has evolved passed From a climate where corporations have had more power (given the extraordinary interest in all things tech) to one where investors have more power. In 2021, this investment space was characterized by inflated valuations and large rounds of funding, but companies … Read more

Research shows the devastating effects of the western diet on human health

In a study recently published in the journal nutrientresearchers discuss the impact of the Western diet on various aspects of human health, including metabolism, gut microbiome, inflammation, cardiovascular health, mitochondrial fitness, cancer and mental health. Learn: Global implications of the Western diet and its impact on metabolism and health: A narrative review. Credit: Ekaterina Markelova … Read more

CJ and Stephanie Ham visit Essentia Health-St Mary’s Children’s Hospital

Like Nowhere Else – Dan’s Story Video Transcript (SPEECH)[SOFT MUSIC] (DESCRIPTION)A man in an orange jacket and hat is walking in the snow. (SPEECH)DAN: Hello. I’m Dan Novy. I now live in Gully, Minnesota. I’ve been a welder most of my life. (DESCRIPTION)He is sitting in a living room next to a woman. (SPEECH)This is … Read more