Climate change is bringing more than just heat – malaria and dengue fever are on the rise

As Americans gathered for July Fourth celebrations last week, many endured sweltering heat as the planet set an unofficial record for the highest temperature in history, a record that has since been broken twice. The average global temperature has risen by about 1 degree Celsius since pre-industrial times and is rising continuously by more than … Read more

Peru is experiencing the worst dengue outbreak in its history, with over 146,000 cases

A health brigade disinfects a street against Aedes aegypti, which can transmit the dengue virus … [+] Lima, Peru. Peru is experiencing its worst dengue outbreak ever. (Photo by CRIS BOURONCLE/AFP via Getty Images) AFP via Getty Images Peru is suffering from a very severe outbreak of dengue fever, nicknamed “Fractured Bone Fever”. In fact, … Read more