Videos of Alabama riverfront brawls spark a cultural moment about race, solidarity and justice

MONTGOMERY, Alabama (AP) — While several passers-by turned their smartphone cameras on the riverfront dock White boaters beat a black riverboat co-captainLittle did they know the footage would spark a nationwide discussion about racial solidarity. But a week after multiple videos showing the now infamous brawl and the outnumbered co-captain’s valiant defense went viral on … Read more

Former Raiders player Henry Ruggs sentenced to at least three years in prison for fatal drunken accident

Former Las Vegas Raiders player Henry Ruggs was sentenced to at least three years in a Nevada prison on Wednesday a woman killed in a fire accident when he drove his sports car while drunk on a city street at speeds of up to 250 km/h almost two years ago. “I sincerely apologize,” said the … Read more

Romanian nursing home scandal highlights abuse described as “inhuman and degrading”.

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) – After receiving distressed text messages from a young man concerned about the conditions his friend was living in at a nursing home in central Romania, Georgiana Pascu arranged an impromptu visit to tour the facility. “Initially, we were pretty sure there wasn’t anything there,” said Pascu, program manager at the Center … Read more

Racial slurs by Mississippi officials reveals a culture of misconduct, residents say

JACKSON, Ms. (AP) – Monica Lee sat outside her parents’ home where a former Mississippi sheriff’s deputy beat up her son, who died hours later in the hospital. It was a muggy afternoon in Braxton — the same town where in another episode in January, six white police officers tortured two other black men, chilling … Read more

According to the organization, an American nurse works in Haiti and her child was kidnapped near Port-au-Prince

An American nurse and her child were abducted near the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince on Thursday, according to the non-profit organization where the woman works and of which her husband is a director. News of the kidnapping comes at a time cruel crimes And group violence rise in the city. El Roi Haiti, a Christian humanitarian … Read more

Investigators believe at least one Gilgo Beach murder victim was killed in the home the suspect shared with his family

Investigators think so Rex Heuermanthe suspect was arrested and charged death of three women The perpetrator, whose remains were found on a Long Island beach road more than a decade ago, killed at least one of his victims at his home in Massapequa Park, law enforcement sources told CBS News, citing investigators working on the … Read more

AI facial recognition technology brings ‘airport security’ to UK businesses, says human rights group

London CNN — More and more UK shops are using an artificial intelligence facial recognition system to detect repeats Shoplifters in what one human rights group has described as spreading “airport security” down Main Street. Simon Gordon, founder of British surveillance company Facewatch, told CNN that was the case The product has grown “exponentially” as … Read more

The Philadelphia community tries to recover from trauma as the shooter’s mental health comes into focus

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — In the weeks leading up to Kimbrady Carriker opened fire indiscriminately When an AR-15 killed five people and injured four others, including several children, in southwest Philadelphia, those few around him had seen him grow up more and more restless and unpredictable, sometimes pacing the house wearing a bulletproof vest, prosecutors and … Read more

International Criminal Court chief prosecutor Karim Khan says the world must not look away from Myanmar’s Rohingya

CNN — The chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Court told CNN on Friday that efforts to bring justice to the Rohingya must be accelerated and the world must not look away from the ongoing crisis. Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan visited Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. for four days this week to hear testimonies from survivors of … Read more

France riots: Nearly 500 people arrested as protests begin fourth night

Paris, France CNN — Nearly 500 people have been arrested in France as violent protests erupted in the fourth night over the killing of a 17-year-old who was shot by police. The protests continued into the early hours of Saturday, defying a ban on all “major events” in the country announced the day before. There … Read more