Utah’s multi-billion dollar oil train proposal flounders amid environmental and derailment concerns

From SAM METZ updated [hour]:[minute] [AMPM] [timezone], [monthFull] [day], [year] share DUCHESNE, Utah (AP) — On high plains overlooking the sandstone and sagebrush hills of the Uinta Basin, pumpjacks bob their heads as they lift from the earth viscous black and yellow oil that eventually becomes everything from fuel to polyester fabric . To ship … Read more

After a glacial dam eruption destroyed homes in Alaska, we take a look at the risks of melting ice sheets

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — People in Alaska’s capital have lived with intermittent glacial dam eruptions like this one for more than a decade destroyed at least two houses over the weekend. But the recent flood It was surprising how fast the water moved as the surging Mendenhall River engulfed riverbanks, undermining and damaging homes and … Read more

Heat and forest fires are jeopardizing the important income from tourism in southern Europe

RHODES, Greece (AP) — Tourists at a beachfront hotel on the Greek island of Rhodes grabbed buckets of pool water and damp towels as the flames approached and rushed to help staff and locals put out the fire one of the forest fires threaten the Mediterranean areas during the recent heat waves. The quick team … Read more

Vermont’s flood-hit capital is considering rebuilding with climate change in mind

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — A popular bookstore in the small Vermont capital moved across the street to a new location farther from the Winooski River after an ice jam in 1992 flushed river water into the store. A nearby office supply and gift store did the same thing in 2011 because it liked a different … Read more

Atlanta Cop City activists say they’re confident of getting 70,000 signatures. But big hurdles remain

ATLANTA (AP) – “Excuse me, are you a constituent of the city of Atlanta? Do you know Cop City?” Clipboards in hand, touts Sienna Giraldi and Gabriel Sanchez approached shoppers one by one in the parking lot of a Kroger supermarket last night, collecting signatures for a referendum on whether that should be the case … Read more

UK political parties are on edge over Green politics following a special election ruling

LONDON (AP) – Environmentalists warned Britain’s main political parties on Sunday against watering down their policies promise of climate change after a special election result This is widely seen as voter opposition to a tax on polluting cars. The ruling Conservatives suffered two heavy defeats in three by-elections for seats in the House of Commons … Read more

Deadly floods are hitting several countries, and scientists predict this will become increasingly common

Schools in New Delhi were forced to close on Monday after heavy monsoon rains devastated the Indian capital. Landslides and flash floods have killed at least 15 people in the past three days. Farther north, the overflowing Beas River swept vehicles downstream and inundated neighborhoods. In Japan, torrential rain The storm raged across the southwest, … Read more

Sailors rejoice after snowy winter brings out the Great Salt Lake – for now

ON GREAT SALT LAKE (AP) — A strong wind caught a Kevlar fiber sail and snapped it as Bob Derby and Randy Atkin tugged on lines to turn Red Stripe, their 25-foot boat, through the salty water the endangered Great Salt Lake. There was little to be heard except the faint hum of trucks cruising … Read more

IAEA chief to visit Japan’s tsunami-ravaged nuclear power plant before release of radioactive water

TOKYO (AP) – The United Nations nuclear chief is due to visit Japan’s tsunami-ravaged nuclear plant on Wednesday after the agency confirmed the safety of a controversial plan to discharge treated radioactive water into the sea. En route to the Fukushima Daiichi power plant, a highlight of his four-day visit to Japan, Rafael Mariano Grossi, … Read more

The city’s health clinic, Superfund, has been accused of making false claims about asbestos

MISSOULA, Mont. — A major US railroad company blamed for the spread of hazardous asbestos that killed hundreds in a Montana city is trying to convince a federal court that a local clinic filed hundreds of asbestos claims for people who died weren’t ill, which earned them lifetime government benefits and nonsense taxpayer dollars. The … Read more