McConnell gets a warm welcome from Kentucky Republicans despite questions about his health

MAYFIELD, Kentucky— Republican US Senate leader Mitch McConnell received an enthusiastic reception from supporters of the party at a high-profile political meeting in his home state on Saturday. His health was rechecked after the 81-year-old MP froze mid-sentence during a recent news conference on Capitol Hill. “This is my 28th fancy farm and I want … Read more

Atlanta Cop City activists say they’re confident of getting 70,000 signatures. But big hurdles remain

ATLANTA (AP) – “Excuse me, are you a constituent of the city of Atlanta? Do you know Cop City?” Clipboards in hand, touts Sienna Giraldi and Gabriel Sanchez approached shoppers one by one in the parking lot of a Kroger supermarket last night, collecting signatures for a referendum on whether that should be the case … Read more

Netanyahu emerges from hospital as Israel faces a key vote — and crisis — over divisive legislative changes

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was discharged from hospital on Monday after undergoing emergency heart surgery and faced an unprecedented national crisis ahead of the parliamentary vote on the first major bill to overhaul the country’s justice system. The protesters, many of whom feel their country’s very foundations are being … Read more

UK political parties are on edge over Green politics following a special election ruling

LONDON (AP) – Environmentalists warned Britain’s main political parties on Sunday against watering down their policies promise of climate change after a special election result This is widely seen as voter opposition to a tax on polluting cars. The ruling Conservatives suffered two heavy defeats in three by-elections for seats in the House of Commons … Read more

Hun Sen is the longest-serving head of state in Asia. He has sidelined critics and is on track to win Cambodian polls

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) – Cambodians go to the polls on Sunday, with incumbent Prime Minister Hun Sen and his party securing all but a landslide victory thanks to effective crackdown and intimidation of any genuine opposition, which critics say has made a mockery of democracy in the Southeast Asian country. Asia’s longest-serving leader, Hun … Read more

A black man who says he was elected mayor of the city of Alabama claims white leaders are keeping him out of office

A black man who says he was elected mayor of a rural Alabama city but was prevented from taking office by white city leaders has filed a state civil rights lawsuit. Patrick Braxton, 57, is one of several plaintiffs in the Braxton et al. against Stokes et al. The other plaintiffs – James Ballard, Barbara … Read more

Autocratic Cambodian leader paves the way to power for his son, a West Point graduate with a PhD in economics

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — Cambodian President Hun Sen was his country’s autocratic prime minister for almost four decades. During this period, the opposition was suppressed and the country moved closer and closer to China. With his Cambodian People’s Party all but guaranteed another landslide victory in this Sunday’s election, it’s hard to imagine dramatic … Read more

US Rep. George Santos is paying back $85,000 he raised through lackluster reelection fundraisers

NEW YORK (AP) – Embattled freshman in the U.S. House of Representatives George Santos, a New York Republican charged with a series of financial crimes including embezzling campaign funds, has withdrawn $85,000 from his campaign to order Paying back hundreds of thousands of dollars he loaned himself to get elected in 2022. Congressional campaign filings … Read more

Judge limits Biden administration’s contact with social media companies

A judge on Tuesday barred several federal agencies and Biden administration officials from collaborating with social media companies on the issue of “protected speech,” a decision described by one of the Republican officials whose lawsuit led to the ruling as “a blow to the censorship”. U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty of Louisiana issued the injunction … Read more

Trump ambassador Jeffrey Gunter wants to run for the Nevada Senate based on his list of retweets

Jeffrey Ross Gunter’s year-and-a-half tenure as US ambassador to Iceland under Donald Trump was, by many reports, a chaotic mess. The wealthy dermatologist and GOP donor – who had never been to Iceland before being confirmed for the post – roiled staff, lashed out at staff, demanded a gun and armed security guards in the … Read more