Temperatures in Phoenix exceeded 109 degrees for the 31st day in a row

Phoenix saw temperatures hit at least 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43.3 degrees Celsius) for the 31st straight day, and other parts of the country struggled with record temperatures on Sunday after a week of substantial US population presence be exposed to extreme heat. The National Weather Service said Phoenix is ​​expected to rise to 112 F … Read more

Johnson & Johnson has to pay $18.8 million to California cancer patients in baby powder suits

Johnson & Johnson will have to pay $18.8 million to a California man who said he developed cancer from exposure to his baby powder, a jury ruled Tuesday, a setback for the company that has thousands of similar cases of its talc-based products US bankruptcy court. The jury ruled in favor of Emory Hernandez Valadez, … Read more

Why it is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to take out household contents insurance

new York CNN — Home contents insurance is becoming more and more expensive and difficult to find in many places. There are no signs that the situation will improve any time soon. The culprits: climate change, rising costs for conversions or repairs and a sharp increase in premiums from reinsurance companies, which insurers use to … Read more

Viral video fuels fear of military helicopters for no reason

Screenshots of a viral video allegedly suggesting military helicopters exist in California … [+] Evidence of a nefarious conspiracy. Twitter Have you seen a video about “military movements” going viral in California, implying that some kind of war against ordinary Americans is about to happen? The hype is completely made up nonsense. And experts say … Read more