Videos of Alabama riverfront brawls spark a cultural moment about race, solidarity and justice

MONTGOMERY, Alabama (AP) — While several passers-by turned their smartphone cameras on the riverfront dock White boaters beat a black riverboat co-captainLittle did they know the footage would spark a nationwide discussion about racial solidarity. But a week after multiple videos showing the now infamous brawl and the outnumbered co-captain’s valiant defense went viral on … Read more

Romanian nursing home scandal highlights abuse described as “inhuman and degrading”.

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) – After receiving distressed text messages from a young man concerned about the conditions his friend was living in at a nursing home in central Romania, Georgiana Pascu arranged an impromptu visit to tour the facility. “Initially, we were pretty sure there wasn’t anything there,” said Pascu, program manager at the Center … Read more

Vermont’s flood-hit capital is considering rebuilding with climate change in mind

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — A popular bookstore in the small Vermont capital moved across the street to a new location farther from the Winooski River after an ice jam in 1992 flushed river water into the store. A nearby office supply and gift store did the same thing in 2011 because it liked a different … Read more

Atlanta Cop City activists say they’re confident of getting 70,000 signatures. But big hurdles remain

ATLANTA (AP) – “Excuse me, are you a constituent of the city of Atlanta? Do you know Cop City?” Clipboards in hand, touts Sienna Giraldi and Gabriel Sanchez approached shoppers one by one in the parking lot of a Kroger supermarket last night, collecting signatures for a referendum on whether that should be the case … Read more

Netanyahu emerges from hospital as Israel faces a key vote — and crisis — over divisive legislative changes

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was discharged from hospital on Monday after undergoing emergency heart surgery and faced an unprecedented national crisis ahead of the parliamentary vote on the first major bill to overhaul the country’s justice system. The protesters, many of whom feel their country’s very foundations are being … Read more

Grants have helped displaced Afghan students find homes on campuses across the United States

DALLAS (AP) – As Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan In the summer of 2021, Fahima Sultani and her fellow students tried for days to enter Kabul Airport, but were repelled by armed extremists. “No education, just go home,” she recalled one call. Almost two years later, Sultani, now 21, is safely in the United … Read more

Waiting for the right time to launch a counteroffensive, Ukraine is trying to stretch Russian forces before striking

The first phase of Ukraine’s counter-offensive to recapture Russian-held territory began weeks ago without much fanfare. Aside from claims that its troops are advancing, Kiev has not given many details about its actions. Troops equipped with new equipment are fighting in eastern and southern Ukraine, much of which is taking place out of sight of … Read more

France’s small towns are suffering as the unrest spreads. “Now it concerns the landscape”

PARIS (AP) – After a pleasant evening of wine tasting – full of joy “Grapes and Friends!” – With about a hundred people and oysters, charcuterie and cheese, the mayor of the picturesque French town of Quissac made his way home. Then his phone rang: urban riots that devoured France afterwards the deadly police shooting … Read more

The aftermath of mass shootings invades every corner of the survivors’ lives

CHICAGO (AP) — More than a year after 11-year-old Mayah Zamora was airlifted from Uvalde, Texas after suffering life-threatening injuries in the crash Shooting at Robb’s elementary school 19 children and two teachers were killed, the family is still devastated. A knock on the door causes Mayah to panic. The family skips the Fourth of … Read more

As a protracted legal battle comes to an end, a Palestinian family prepares to evict their home in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM (AP) – Few places in Jerusalem bear more witness to the greater conflict surrounding the city than the home of 68-year-old Nora Ghaith-Sub Laban. As the last remaining Palestinians in a building full of Israeli settlers, the Ghaith-Sub Labans have been fighting Israeli attempts to evict them from their home in the Old City … Read more